You Have to Start Somewhere, Right?!

Stats for the Month

My original goal of $30 per month was blown out of the water and to date I’ve sold 7 ebooks and earned over $43 in ebook sales and Kindle Unlimited page reads.

This is awesome!

What is fascinating is that War’s End: The Storm has been the big performer – both in ebook sales and page reads. And it has obviously kept plenty of interest, because I’ve seen the sequel War’s End: A Brave New World also popping up in the page reads.

The downside to this is that I’ve been marketing for at least one hour a day every day since I got out of Facebook jail for posting 75 places in less than half an hour. Oops, my bad!

In any case, it’s a lot of copying and pasting, over and over. And that isn’t paying off that much in comparison, so I’m definitely looking out for other marketing ideas. As I try them, I will blog about them.

You Have to Start Somewhere

I can just see you now, shaking your head. Because making $2, or $3, or even $5 per day after marketing my ass off, doesn’t seem like a lot. Not to mention giving Gliese 581: The Departure away (over 1,100 of them!) and for what? A couple of reviews so far?

All of this work, all of this time, and with little if any compensation.

But you have to start somewhere. I’m learning a lot about marketing and promotion. I’m learning about timing, strategy, and more. I still have a long way to go.

But that’s okay. It’s worth doing.

Back to Writing

Somehow I need to readjust and find my balance. If I spend all of my most productive time marketing my books instead of writing, I’m wasting my energy on very little return.

I’ll admit it, it’s tough. First thing I think of as I sit down to my computer in the morning is, “I wonder what my page reads are at the end of the day yesterday and so far today?” So I check them, and if I see a low number I think, “I need to market more!” and if I see a high number I think, “I need to market more!”

And then I spend MORE time marketing and zero time writing. See the pattern here?

This morning I told myself, “I won’t look at the numbers, I won’t!” But of course I did, and then spent the next hour marketing on Facebook, pasting my blurbs into dozens of pages, curating my Excel spreadsheet that tracks over 360 different FB groups, and generally using up what could be my most creative time with chasing after pennies.

There has to be a balance somewhere and I need to find it.

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