Well…Maybe Not

From time to time I find myself in a bit of a quandary. “I’ll do this,” I say, and then this really isn’t a good fit.

But I’ve said it, publicly, and so what do I do then?

Immobility typically follows. That, and a lot of sporadic tv watching and spontaneous book collecting. Which is probably why I have so many books.

I looked at Quit Your Job, Change Your Life and although it truly is 2/3 of the way done, I’m just not into it right now. Logical thinking is all good and wonderful, but in the end, it is the creative mind that is in charge around here.


At the moment I’m reviewing Book 2 of War’s End, which should make most people happy. However, I’m not 100% committed to that. If I get stuck, I’ll run back to either Gliese 581/Plague Tales series or The Chronicles of Liv Rowan. Anything but stop writing – that’s never good.

I’ve also decided I’m going to paint my house any damned color I want, my husband’s (or friends or my own mother’s) contrary opinions notwithstanding. I decided this after getting mixed reviews on some of the colors I have chosen for the different walls – many of them rather vibrant colors. I told Dave, “I’m going to try these colors and if you don’t like them, in six months, you can choose the color they are going to be.” He sighed wearily to that and said nothing.

And while most of the painting will be waiting until fall and winter since this is planting season – I decided I simply had to have this wall done in chalkboard paint…

This wall faces my desk. I’ve decided it will be perfect for keeping track of my working notes on writing projects. Ignore the messy desk – they say its a sign of an organized mind.

I need to go buy white and multi-colored chalk now.