Up, Down, and All Around

Sorry, I THOUGHT it Was Romance



Romantic suspense.

Sexy thriller.

Racy mystery.

Semantics have tripped me up yet again.

Around four or five years ago, I decided I really needed to get rich by writing erotica. That very quickly turned to, “Well, maybe I can hit it big with romance because erotica has no plot.”

At some point after that I settled on writing a sexy romantic thriller. Call it evolution if you like.

At first, I jumped into the sex. That earned me a head shake from my beta reader, so I stopped, set it aside, and worked on different projects while I let the story do a slow burn in the back of my brain. I finished Schicksal Turnpike and returned to Hired Gun, determined to finish it.

I googled words like erotica versus romance, erotic thriller, romantic suspense, and more. And despite reading a great deal of definitions I never once found the humdinger or rules.

Are you ready for it?

#1 Rule of Romance Writing – It MUST have a Happily Ever After

Well, shit, Skippy. Somehow, someway, I missed that.

My bad.

I adjusted the categories in Amazon and I have an order in for a new book description, one that I hope will properly convey the hot and sexy thriller, Book One of the series, out and ready for readers.

Romance readers will still enjoy the book. In fact, I’ve heard from quite a few that REALLY liked the book.

Try to please everyone. Please none. – Aesop

The audience that will enjoy Hired Gun is vast. I just need to put in the proper description, run the right ads, and help bring my book into their hands. So I’m now working on a description of my perfect reader. Here’s what I have so far…

  • Enjoys complicated plots and subplots
  • Is looking for a story arc series to dive into
  • Appreciates sexy scenes and the sizzle of attraction
  • Doesn’t require a Happily Ever After

It’s rather ironic. I had read some advice on sitting down and describing your target reader or audience and dismissed it as overthinking things, or just overly complicated, but it really does make sense.

I wrote a book I would enjoy first, but I know that I’m not the only one who will. I’m not in the business of pleasing everyone – just a specific set of people. I imagine that, if you are still reading, that’s you!

Website Nightmares

It’s a really long story, but the long and short of it is that, in the middle of rolling out Hired Gun, my websites both went belly up and began to smell just like a big black snake will do if you corner it.

This website flat out disappeared, replaced with my other website, The Cottages. And shortly after I spent an hour on the phone with Go Daddy fixing this one, The Cottages suddenly sprouted Arabic. I kid you not. ARABIC.

I’m probably on some watch list now.

Head Spinning, What’s Next?

I think I’m suffering from a split personality because I want to do four things at once…

  • Finish writing my first fantasy novel – Glass Forest
  • Write the sequel to G581: The Departure – Zarmina’s World
  • Keep the impetus moving forward with Book 2 of Benton Security Services – Steel and Smoke
  • Delve into a completely new genre of suspense/horror with Winter’s Child

I’ll figure it out. Heck, maybe I’ll just rotate between them in a big circle. Who knows?