Two Years, Four Days

If you have read any of my blogs, you know I’m a planner by nature. Heck, I’ve got this Excel spreadsheet that has multiple budgets in it – everything from our current budget to our projected budgets at various points and times down the road as bills are paid off or additional income (rental property) is anticipated. I even have a projected budget for when my husband retires.

I have a plan, one that flexes and flows, but still I have a plan of action and we continue to move towards the goals – one month at a time.

Yesterday was a two cleaning day. Ten years ago I was often doing three cleaning days, but nowadays a two cleaning day is pushing the boundaries of what I can handle.

Even with the CBD oil, the yoga, and some regular massages scheduled in, I’m still battling significant pain and mobility issues.

Just two more years, I told myself, And then I can stop cleaning houses.

And then the question occurred to me. WAS it in the budget that way? I checked the different worksheets and found, much to my chagrin, that I was anticipating FOUR more years of cleaning houses, not two.

I went to bed last night dwelling on that. How could I stop cleaning houses in two years instead of four?

I love that I am a morning person. There in the dark, before I get up, thoughts begin to spring into my brain and everything revs up. It is my best thinking and writing time.

It was there in the dark, my eyes still closed, that my thoughts returned to the problem at hand. And then the quote from Star Wars came into my head..

I got up, went to my computer, and removed the forecasted cleaning income from the August 2020 budget through where I had originally ended it in June 2022.

Then I reconstructed my savings and renovations schedule accordingly. I had to adjust some things. We won’t have extravagant vacations or massive home renovation projects, but I can now definitively say that July 31st, 2020 will be the last day I ever clean a house other than one I own.

It also means that, until February 2020, I can continue to stick any and all funds I get from writing into a special savings account. Right now that account doesn’t have a ton of money in it – just over $700. But in February 2020 I will begin removing just $100 per month and placing it into our general fund. By January 2022, that number will need to increase to $1,000 per month of writing income or I will need to find an actual¬†jobjob.

So…two years and four days until I stop cleaning toilets and three and a half years to get my writing earning at least $1,000 per month.

That’s totally doable!

I made myself some promises as well…

  • No more “just one more cleaning” jobs
  • No futzing with “passing the torch” – I’ll clean until 7/31/2020 and then dust my hands off and walk away. If you want my clients, buy that Start Your Own Housecleaning Biz book I’ll have coming out soon and learn how to get them for yourself
  • No new clients AT ALL (don’t ask me to clean your house, I’d rather be writing!)
  • And when I lose a cleaning client, I will NOT try and find another one

The spotlight is on and its time to get to churning out those books and learning how to market them effectively and economically.