This is What I Get

This is what I get when I decide to transfer my calendar from Outlook to Google…

  • Three hours of solid work – checking, double-checking, and reproducing all of the appointments.(yes, there were a lot of them)
  • Screeching halt on writing the Liv Rowan series after Book 2 of War’s End is complete. I’m thinking I really, really need to continue to write in the Plague Tale universe.

Socio-economic collapse?

Civil war?

You think those things are bad? Just wait, it gets far, far worse.

War’s End is the just the beginning of the story. Give us fifty more years to get over the U.S. going to hell in a handbasket and then watch the world collapse – no stone left unturned, death, destruction and mayhem. Oh, and a side of space exploration to go along with it.

My Plague Tale documents, and most importantly, my Gliese 581 story is there on Google. I started reading it and went oh, wow, this is cool!

What really, really needs to happen is this. I need to be discovered and taken on by a major sci-fi fantasy publication. And they need to give me a decent advance so that I can stop doing the cleanings and focus more on my writing.


What are you waiting for, oh great publishers of my work?

Gimme a call.