The Website is Going On the Van

My work on getting my van covered with Zentangle designs has taken longer than I had hoped, but I’m just about ready to put this website on the passenger side of the van, followed rather quickly by the other side. I decided that, despite The Deadly Nightshade being my biggest “go to” blog – my writer website is where I hope folks will first come and see what I’m up to, before progressing on to The Deadly Nightshade¬†or The Homeschool Advocate, so…there you go.

I’m sure it will still be weeks before everything is done, but I really MUST have it done by the Urban Grown Farm Tour. So I guess late June is my absolute “gotta get it done by” date.

So this website will start acting as a portal for the others. I’ve already duplicated the Calendar of Events over here. And I hope to cross-post more often.

Keep checking back for more details!