Benton Security Services Series

Benton Security Services is my new series of erotic thrillers set (mainly) in Kansas City, Missouri. Hired Gun, the first book, will be released in either March or April of 2019.

Here is what you can look forward to…

Hired Gun (Book 1)

Shane Ellis is a hired gun, determined to do his job, and keep his clients alive, no matter who is trying to kill them. Shane lives by and enforces The Code, a strict set of rules that have given his clients the highest survival rate – despite the dangers they have faced. Follow The Code and you stay alive. But Shane isn’t prepared for Lila, sexy, stubborn, and determined to ignore his rules. And Lila isn’t prepared for what he will do when she breaks each and every one of them.

Read the first chapter: Hired Gun: Chapter One

Steel and Smoke (Book 2)

Jack Benton, multi-billionaire owner of Benton Security Services has his own demons to fight. Losing his beloved younger sister to a kidnapping/ransom gone wrong, he has spent his life saving others from similar fates. But when Adrienne Cenac appears by the side of a lonely stretch of road, soaked from the rain and terrified beyond measure, Jack will stop at nothing to protect her.

Despite the gulf in age, Adrienne and Jack instantly feel an attraction that shakes them both to the core. But Adrienne has a secret, one that threatens both their lives.

Read the first chapter: Steel and Smoke: Chapter One

Broken Code (Book 3)

Lila and Shane return for an encore after nearly six months apart. The only client to ever challenge him, Lila has once again entered into dark and dangerous territory.

Despite how their business and romantic entanglements ended last time, his name falls from her lips the moment the answering service at Benton Security Services picks up the phone.

Shane swears he will make Lila follow The Code this time, or else hand her off to another bodyguard, but some rules are made to be broken.

Deadly Sins (Book 4)

Naima Reichlin, a wildly successful writer of erotic romance, is terrified by the threatening note she receives in the mail. The local police dismiss it as a prankster or religious zealot, but she thinks it might be something more.

Her friend, Lila Benoit, would know what to do, but Naima can’t find her anywhere. Instead, Lila’s friend Kaylee points her to Benton Security Services and Jesse Bardin appears at her door. Jesse turns Naima’s world on fire with his dark, brooding and abrupt ways. Together they will dig into the mystery of who wants to kill her, while bringing their own personal entanglements to a satisfying climax.

Tempting Fate (Book 5)

Jack Benton has done his best to get over Adrienne Cenac, now Kaylee Stromm. He tells himself that it was a fling, a temporary, illusory November romance. But when he hears Kaylee’s voice on the phone, asking for help for her friend Lila, he’s determined to have her by his side. But someone is watching, and waiting, for him to lead the way to Kaylee. Will the undeniable attraction and passion that Jack and Kaylee share be enough to protect them when he leads fate to her door?

Code on Fire (Book 6)

Shane Ellis has made plenty of enemies, but it is a ghost from his past, a betrayal he made in his checkered past that may very well be his undoing. And that man has taken the one person who Shane cannot live without. Dave Eggers was supposed to be in prison, serving fifteen years in prison for armed robbery and attempted murder. Instead, a deposed leader of a shadow organization, the Indalo, has managed to break Eggers out and he’s ready to make Shane pay.

It’s a race against time to save Lila from Eggers and the Indalo’s clutches. It will take all the passion and quick thinking that Shane and Lila have between them to survive when The Code catches fire.

Sweet Revenge (Book 7)

Madeleine Stone is all grown up. And she wants revenge. In going through her father’s personal items, she finds a hidden body camera. It recorded his death at the hands of Blanche Artinian, a woman she knows well. Blanche arranges for Madeleine to grow up in the clutches of the Indalo. Eight years after Rob Stone’s death, Madeleine is a member of the Indalo. Now she must find a way to get her revenge, in her father and mother’s memories.

Madeleine never imagined she would find anyone else who hated the Indalo as much as she did. Until she met Ben’s adopted son, Liam.

The Indalo are on her heels, and Liam is desperate for revenge too. After all, the Indalo killed Ben. But revenge isn’t the only desire the two share.

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