The Book of Z

And so it begins

The Book of Z is an experiment, pure and simple. In the author world, there are pantsers and there are plotters, most of us are hybrids, we might plot out our novels, but sooner or later, a twist presents itself out of nowhere and we write it in by the seat of our pants. Or vice-versa, pantsing away until at some point we have a basic plot that we then intentionally list out and add to.

For several years I had been dreaming of doing something rather different – a handwritten character journal in which I would let the story develop naturally. And for Christmas 2019, I requested a very specific journal – leather-bound, handmade paper, with deckle edges.

This lovely young lady gifted it to me and I’m pleased as punch over it. For a few days, I stared at it and wondered what character would come and introduce him/herself. And eventually, Z came along and said hello.

I have no idea where this story is going. This is about as close as anyone can get to 100% pantsing. I also decided to add in sketches, do keep in mind that my children are far better skilled in that area. Nevertheless, I persist.

I hope you will enjoy this little experiment. I’ll be updating as I write the entries, no other promises on when or how long between entries…