Short Stories


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I have created each of them as unique add-on companions to my fiction books. They are the mini-stories, the spin-offs, the backstories behind the bigger ones.

I will be adding a new one each month!

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Walk with me as I craft the details of the Kapalaran Universe. It is full of twists and turns!

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Available January 2018…

Young Desiree struggles to find her place in the world. Will she be the Breeder her mother has scornfully predicted is her only possible outcome? Or does her future lie somewhere else?

This is set in the Kapalaran Universe – where my War’s End and Gliese books both reside and occurs around 25 years after the devastating ESH plague. It is considered a companion story to Gliese 581: Zarmina’s World (coming soon!)

Available February 2018…

Sometimes the best chance you have is the worst possible choice.

99 Problems is set at the time of the Collapse, the day after tomorrow, and just months before the beginning of War’s End: The Storm. See the Collapse as it begins to unfold…

Available March 2018…

Isaac Perdue and Camelia Garcia are strangers thrown together when the unthinkable happens. The Amtrak train bombings will rock the nation, and change their world forever.

Reek of Bone brings back a beloved character from War’s End: A Brave New World and is set in the days before the Collapse.

Available April 2018…

An incident in the Philadelphia Hab rocks the Mars colony and changes one family’s life forever.

Set in the days before Gliese 581: The Departure this story is a companion and the backstory of Toya and her brother Lenny.

Available May 2018…

Madeline Chen, widow of Gary Chen and now Chairman of the Terran United Planetary Government (TUPG), struggles with new motherhood, and the hard choices that come with running what is left of Earth.

Available June 2018…

When a nuke destroys Austin, it crushes all the hope Corporal Jacob Daniels had for rekindling his marriage and reuniting his family. All roads leading to Austin are closed, and Jacob must decide whether to stay with his unit and fight or try to find out what happened to his wife and son, no matter the cost.

Available July 2018…

Syn Travani is a creche baby, one of the first batches born of no mother. Genetically speaking, she is human, but her artificially accelerated physical and mental development, her odd emotional responses, and her fiery eyes tell a different tale. Syn must navigate not just the normal trials and tribulations of growing up, but do it while being rejected by the very people who gave her life.