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Christine is a writer, community educator, and avid gardener. She and her family relocated from the suburbs to a 120-year-old brick Victorian in Historic Northeast Kansas City in early 2013.

Christine maintains two blogs – The Cottages – a renovation blog that covers her family’s work renovating two different properties in Historic Northeast Kansas City. She also writes on a variety of subjects, whatever strikes her interest at the moment. She has written seven books:

Get Organized, Stay Organized (2008)

The Storm (2010)

The War on Drugs: An Old Wives Tale (2012)

A Brave New World (2014)

G581: The Departure (2016)

Fate’s Highway (2018)

Hired Gun (2019)

Christine is working on multiple short story projects as well as the following book projects:

  • Quit Your Job, Change Your Life: 40 Strategies for the Disaffected – a book hell-bent on helping change your life
  • When God Laughs – a memoir
  • Without a Degree: Start Your Own Housecleaning Biz – with more books in the Without a Degree series to follow
  • I Bought a House for $25 – a book on renovating not just one house, but two, plus a 1956 Flying Cloud Airstream
  • The Chronicles of Liv Rowan – a 12 part fantasy series
  • The Hired Gun – a romantic suspense
  • G581: Zarmina’s World – the sequel to G581: The Departure

You can stalk follow Christine and find out all about her latest book projects, promotions, and blog updates by following her on Twitter. or better yet, sign up for her monthly newsletter and learn all the news that is fit to print in one handy email.

Christine loves comments on her blogs and detests spammers. Drop her an email at shuckchristine (at) gmail.com and ask her a question. Chances are she will send you an email back.

4 thoughts on “About Christine

  1. hey its me the person that you met at the home school thing that we play games at in the church I finally looked at the back of the book and found this website I am using my moms account for this just so you know I hope you make lots of money making your books and could you come to the next double digit game night and I don’t really want that planet mix up thing that I talked about last time we met and do you need any more help on your next book? because I have a really good book on mars and the other planets I tried to look up on the star that’s on the front page of the book but could not find it in my book. I really had fun talking to you.

    • Hi Nate!

      I probably won’t be at the next double digit game night, but hopefully back in January. I look forward to seeing you then!


  2. I love G581: The Departure (Gliese 581 Book 1) and I just wondering when the next book in the series will be available.

    Could not put it down and can’t where you are taking this journey.

    Thanks. Craig

    • Hi Craig-

      Thank you, you made my day! Ironic, but yesterday I was working on the outline for Book 2. I can’t give you a delivery date, but rest assured I am working on it. Meanwhile, you may consider reading the War’s End series – The Storm is Book One and then A Brave New World is Book Two. It is dystopian and set in the day after tomorrow.

      Happy Reading and thanks for reaching out to me!


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