Reviews are the gatekeepers to whether a potential reader pushes the Add to Cart button or not…

Here is a small sample of reviews I have received on two of my books…

Reviews of Gliese 581: The Departure…

-Love the surprise ending! DON’T spoil your enjoyment by reading the last page first. The story is believable and makes you think how possible something like this could really happen. I appreciate all the research it takes to be accurate with the science that currently exists. Can’t wait for the sequel! – Amazon Customer

-The characters are well rounded and well developed, the action scenes are at times terrifying, and this book is researched VERY WELL from a scientific point of view. I cannot wait until there’s a sequel! – G. Family

-“Is it any good?” Asked my husband, seeing my smile. I nod, not even taking my eyes from the words. I am only a few pages into the book and I know this is going to be good, real good. When Christine Shuck asked me to read her book and write a review about it, I had no clue what I was getting into. – hedgewitchmama

-Christine Shuck painted a horrifyingly plausible scenario of the way humanity may unintentionally bring about its own downfall. I was so enthralled that I finished the book in a day. – Michelle

-I highly recommend this to fans of apocalyptic science fiction. You won’t be disappointed. – Tom Johnson at

Reviews of The War on Drugs: An Old Wives Tale

-Written with the humor of hindsight, yet the abject horror of getting caught in the cross fire of the so-called War On Drugs comes through with crystal clarity. For anyone that has any doubt about the truth of the matter, it becomes abundantly clear that the war on drugs is really a war on people, – good wholesome people that care for their children and make a positive contribution to their community. This is a must read. The War on Drug’s: An Old Wives’ Tale lays bare the absurdity of Marijuana Prohibition, the lies and injustice of our Legal System, and the unscientific, unethical nature of ‘The Recovery Industry.’ Read it. Believe it. And be warned.

-I live in the county this book takes place in. I drive by the courthouse mentioned often. I never knew anything like this was going on in my area. It was devastating to read, but devastating in the way we need to be devastated in order for our nation to see progress. I appreciated the ability to step inside a real family going through this. That personal connection made the book feel relatable, and it was easy, as a fellow mother, to picture myself living this nightmare if my life had gone a different direction. The day by day format of the book works well for demonstrating the struggle as a daily battle rather than one big event. It was hundreds of bad events. Lots of bad policies, lots of injustice, lots of anger and fear. I highly recommend this to those who think drugs are something only found in ‘that part of town’ or that all those involved are ‘that sort of people.’ It’s simply not true.

Oy! I NEED Your Review!

As a self-published author, I get to repeat myself a lot. One of my most oft-repeated phrases?

Your review means a lot to me!

I say it over and over. I often feel like a broken record.

And I hear it all…

“I’m not really good at reviews.”

“I never know what to say.”

“What if I didn’t like everything about the book? You’ll get pissed if I don’t leave five stars!”

“I’m not much for writing.”

“Can’t I just send you an email?”

I’m going to do something drastic. I’m going to get down on my knees and beg you, BEG you, to leave a review. Do you know why?

Because no matter how good my book is…no matter how profound and life-changing, mood-altering or uplifting I have been…no matter if I have given you nightmares about what might be heading down the pike towards us, or inspired you to become involved in social change…if you don’t leave a review, nine out of ten people will not even bother to read the sample pages before clicking on to something else.

If my story strikes you as even remotely interesting – then you need to leave a review. It can be two sentences or twenty. Just say something.

Plenty of self-published Indie authors, and even some new books by established Indie authors, only receive 1-9 reviews on their books…EVER.

10-99 reviews is where a majority of Indie authors fall. It’s okay, but not ideal.

To be taken seriously in today’s self-publishing e-book world, an author needs to have at least 100+ reviews before most readers will ever push the Buy This Book button.

Over the next three years, I am fully committing myself from taking my writing to something that earns me a monthly cappuccino at Starbucks, to something I can be proud of. I don’t need to be the next Stephen King, or even the next Hugh Howey. But I want to share my words with as many people as possible and that means getting noticed.

Getting noticed means I need reviews. Plain and simple.

The Good, Bad and Ugly

They don’t all have to laud my praises. In fact, if they did, it would be highly suspect!

I need honest reviews. And I need them from YOU.

Here are the links to all of my books on Amazon:

Get Organized, Stay Organized
War’s End: The Storm
The War On Drugs: An Old Wives Tale
War’s End: A Brave New World
Gliese 581: Departure

I will happily provide any and all reviewers with free pdf copies of my books in exchange for reviews.

Want a free book to review? Contact me.

This offer will remain open on each book until the 100th review has been logged on Amazon.