As a self-published author, I get to repeat myself a lot. One of my most oft-repeated phrases?

Your review means a lot to me!

I say it over and over. I often feel like a broken record.

And I hear it all…

“I’m not really good at reviews.”

“I never know what to say.”

“What if I didn’t like everything about the book? You’ll get pissed if I don’t leave five stars!”

“I’m not much for writing.”

“Can’t I just send you an email?”

I’m going to do something drastic. I’m going to get down on my knees and beg you, BEG you, to leave a review. Do you know why?

Because no matter how good my book is…no matter how profound and life-changing, mood-altering or uplifting I have been…no matter if I have given you nightmares about what might be heading down the pike towards us, or inspired you to become involved in social change…if you don’t leave a review, nine out of ten people will not even bother to read the sample pages before clicking on to something else.

If my story strikes you as even remotely interesting – then you need to leave a review. It can be two sentences or twenty. Just say something.

Plenty of self-published Indie authors, and even some new books by established Indie authors, only receive 1-9 reviews on their books…EVER.

10-99 reviews is where a majority of Indie authors fall. It’s okay, but not ideal.

To be taken seriously in today’s self-publishing e-book world, an author needs to have at least 100+ reviews before most readers will ever push the Buy This Book button.

Over the next three years, I am fully committing myself from taking my writing to something that earns me a monthly cappuccino at Starbucks, to something I can be proud of. I don’t need to be the next Stephen King, or even the next Hugh Howey. But I want to share my words with as many people as possible and that means getting noticed.

Getting noticed means I need reviews. Plain and simple.

The Good, Bad and Ugly

They don’t all have to laud my praises. In fact, if they did, it would be highly suspect!

I need honest reviews. And I need them from YOU.

Here are the links to all of my books on Amazon:

Get Organized, Stay Organized
War’s End: The Storm
The War On Drugs: An Old Wives Tale
War’s End: A Brave New World
Gliese 581: Departure

I will happily provide any and all reviewers with free pdf copies of my books in exchange for reviews.

Want a free book to review? Contact me.

This offer will remain open on each book until the 100th review has been logged on Amazon.