My New Path


Last Thursday I listed it all out and committed to my new path – that of committing to a¬†writing career. This may sound strange, after all, I’ve had a writer website for years, I’ve written and published books, how could I just now be committing to a writing career?

Ever dance around something, unsure of whether to commit? Maybe not sure of your own capabilities, tenacity, or simply the world at large? Ever been bound by a set of worries over money, a commitment to family, and not seen a way past to pursue the thing you wanted most in the world?

Yeah, well, join the club. I’ve been fighting that inner battle for my entire adult life.

So here I am, with a brand new set of goals (see picture above). The only reason I put quotation marks around full time is that, no matter what, while I’m a homeschool mom, there is no such thing as “full-time writer.” There just isn’t.

So, to review, I’m committing to:

  • Send out queries (working my way up to 5 queries a week) – Right now I’m averaging around one query a week. So I definitely have a ways to go!
  • Generate 1-2 topics a day for articles – I’m still struggling a bit over WHAT to write. Obviously I have many directions I can go (homeschool, parenting, gardening, old homes, self-sustainability, and so much more), it is just a matter of choosing a specific topic or angle and actually writing the article
  • Market my books daily – and really, this goes for my writing in general, not just the books on Amazon. But I need to create a presence on Goodreads and possibly BookBuzz as well. I need to stop looking at marketing as a “I guess I have to do this” to a “People are interested in hearing what I have to say and reading what I write.”
  • Update my three websites at least twice daily – this maintains my presence in local circles, but it can also take on broader applications if I give myself more exposure (see next goal). I’ve neglected my websites while writing on Bubblews.
  • Build Twitter – I might not use Twitter, but other folks do. And that is a reason for me to build my Twitter following, so that more people receive updates on website posts and also my books. It might help put me in touch with other important contacts.
  • Read Every Day – I have really fallen off the reading bandwagon. Me! I know that is shocking, especially if you have known me for a while and know how MUCH I like to read. I read an interesting, and at times humorous, piece today. I hope to throw in a chapter from the Six Figure Freelancing¬†later today.

So that it in a nutshell. My new path.

I need to go now…lots to do!