My Guru

One of my dear friends recently gave an interview to Beyond Your Blog on a subject she is quite experienced at…writing for regional parenting magazines.

Kerrie is my guru. She has brought me out of that low funk of “I’m never going to make money writing” to “Damn, I can do this!”

Her book, Make Money to Write About Your Kids is an excellent resource that can be used by all kinds of writers, not just those writing for regional parenting magazines (although I do wish she would make my life easy and publish a book on regional home improvement/gardening mags too!).


Here is where you can find the podcast…Beyond Your Blog

I think that what strikes me as the most beneficial is (beyond all of the amazing lists of potential client magazines) her laidback, no-nonsense attitude and advice. She makes it easy…because it is easy…to break into these markets!

Kerrie is my guru. I love how she presents this info and cannot recommend this book enough!