Look at Me, I’m Juggling!


I’m trying desperately to keep all of these balls in the air. I really, truly am.

I realized it this morning, as I switched between reading the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) newsletter, to updating a book in progress, to checking my calendar for the day – that I had written much in the world of Bubblews. And not just that, but with two applications in to BlogHer for my two main website/blogs The Deadly Nightshade and The Homeschool Advocate – I really needed to get to writing on that as well!

BlogHer wants to see at least 2-3 posts per week in a blog. I have been…remiss.

This past weekend I roped my husband into helping me paint the utility room. This next weekend I want to paint the hallway (we already have the paint, it’s just sitting there waiting), and tonight he needs to hang two curtain rods for me.

What curtains I got done this fall and winter are already hanging, the rest will wait for next fall.

I have new classes to prepare for (I need to create handouts and Powerpoint presentations) and tomorrow night I’m hosting a book club so I kind of need to clean my house. Remember, I run a cleaning business, so not having a clean house of my own is bad for business – no matter how much I remind them that it is like being married to a plumber and never getting your own plumbing done!

And did I mention I’m writing/taking notes on two new books? Non-fiction – which really messes with my creative side and getting War’s End book 2 done. One book will be on how to self-publish and market successfully. I’ve found there is no better way to teach/write it, then to take detailed notes along the journey (I actually stopped in mid-sentence a moment ago and clicked over to it and added a section on “Staying Professional” while marketing the book.

And just now I did it again and added a section on proofreading your book before uploading it to be published.

Is it any wonder Book 2 of War’s End is NOT finished?