Kapalaran Universe

Les merveilles célestes, lectures du soir (1881). Scan of 2 d images in the public domain believed be free to use without restriction in the U.S.

During my childhood and teens, I fell in love with the idea of interrelated series. The connections didn’t have to be big ones, I just liked the idea of following families through the generations. Madeleine L’Engle, especially, with her stand-alone, yet connected stories of the Austins and more, comes to mind. Orson Scott Card was another.

It naturally followed that I wanted to do the same with my fiction books – at first, I thought it would be impossible – what could dystopian fiction, a sci-fi post-apocalyptic, Twilight Zone ‘esque short story, and twelve-book fantasy series have in common?

And it was then that I realized – my writing, my rules. I could do as I liked, as long as I kept the facts straight!

One of my stories is named Fate’s Highway. This is my Twilight Zone ‘esque piece and it serves as an intro (and informal prequel) from the real world to that of a magical world known as Fyrsta Heim (or first world).

That got me to thinking about all of my stories – and how they actually are all connected. If by nothing else than fate. And so I headed over to Google, looked up “fate” in other languages and finally settled on Kapalaran, which means “fate” in Filipino. Big thanks to my friends on Facebook who voted for the different variants!

You will see that all of my related fiction covers now read “A Kapalaran Universe novel.” I encourage you to dig in and find the connections between the families.

You as the reader do not need to know all of these connections to enjoy the story – the War’s End, Gliese, Chronicles of Liv Rowan (coming soon!), and Fate’s Highway novels are all standalone books – simply consider the interconnections, the families I follow and the short stories I write in between the books are simply Easter eggs. I encourage you dig in and discover this universe and its connections. There is no exact start point that I can suggest at this time for you the reader as I have written my books out of order – starting with The Storm the day after tomorrow, then going to the end of the 21st century with G581 and then back in time to the 1950s with Fate’s Highway.