I’ve Been At It Nearly Six Hours

Time for an update.

Book 1 – 14,976

Notes – 18,517

Books identified: 12 – names, titles and basic outlines are all in place.

So…Over 1,000 words in my Notes file written and a puny 800 words written in Book 1.

So, yeah, I’ve got the series outline done. I know where I’m going with each book and the finale in mind for Book 12.

And yes, I’m completely butt-fuck insane right now. Just the thought of it is scaring the hell out of me. How friggin’ LONG is this going to take?! Will Emily be a teenager? I am absolutely and totally convinced that yes, I know where the story goes and how it ends. Done. Finit.

So guess what I get to do now?

Yeah…WRITE it.

Oh…SHIT. I guess I’d best get to work.