It’s the Little Things in Life

It is the little things in life that make me happy…

He Really, Really Likes Me!

My husband sent me this through Facebook the other day and said he was going to get it for me…

Because, honestly, what else besides meat flowers says “I love you the BEST?”

Flowers fade, but the memory of that tasty meat and fresh herbs…mmmm…

Big Thing

And here is a little thing that was a really BIG thing for me. I figured out how to create a book funnel page.


I feel like a grown-up!

Here is what it looks like…

I created it in Canva after much indecision, gnashing of teeth, and no small amount of colorful language. It even works! It will take you to the sign-up landing page if you click on it.

Tip: Use the Social Media 800×800 pixel object to edit to your heart’s desire. Don’t worry about making the button itself active, simply edit the photo to point to the landing page URL once you have it where you want it in your website.

Should I even tell you how stressed out this had me? I feel so technologically challenged at times. It took me a few weeks of trying to explain my predicament to a couple of other folks, offering them money to do it for me, getting zero response, and deciding “You know what? I can damned well figure this out!”


I am rather ridiculously proud of myself as a result.

So there you go. Short and sweet today because my creative juices were all sunk in this two-hour-long “gotta figure this sucker out” odyssey.

Here it is again, because I remain ridiculously proud. Go on, click on it!