I Sold That Many?!

It’s been a weird week and a weird month.

So let’s start with the bad news: I’ve written nothing. Neither of my assignments have been finished. Hell, I’ve barely even thought of my assignments.

Now for the good news. I have been toying with AMS ads (Amazon Marketing Services) for a few months now and in this month, my sales of Get Organized, Stay Organized have skyrocketed.

For others, it might be peanuts, barely a blip on the bigger scale. For some, it might be the taste of failure, not success. But for me? All I know is that I went from selling 16 ebooks in a good month and that number has nearly tripled in the past 22 days.

So far, I’ve sold 47 books (four today) and I fully expect to blast through 50, maybe even 55 books by the end of the month.

And just watching the numbers climb…how do I describe it?…it’s got me excited beyond measure, fearful that it won’t continue, and determined to understand this mysterious land of marketing I find myself slogging through.

I’ve gone from averaging $3-$4 per day in earnings to an average of over $10.20 per day.

I keep promising myself that once this holds steady, once I see sales continuing to build, and then hold steady at a solid $3,000 per month, I’ll stop cleaning houses and focus on writing, marketing and all the rest that I do.

I estimate that if my sales continue as they have, I should see around $300 for the month.

Three hundred dollars…or ten percent of where I need to be to consider quitting cleaning houses.

What this month has taught me is that I CAN do this. I just need to keep learning marketing and get back to writing. Those two actions will change my life for the better (and life’s pretty sweet already).

p.s. And another really cool reason for not getting my writing done? This young lady right here. We’ve been spending some time together in June because July is chock-full of summer day camp.

I can’t think of a person I would rather spend my days with, she is the best kid in the world. Seriously, the BEST kid.

Em climbing over a gully on our nature hike yesterday.

We went to Legoland today and she is getting to see Incredibles 2 tonight with her dad. Swimming next week.

Writing can wait. This girl, she’s what’s important right now.