I Declare It Marketing Day!

I finally woke up and realized that, if I want to sell my books, I need to, you know, sell my books.

Marketing might not be my most favorite thing in the world, but I need to definitely change my attitude about it.

And really, you want to read my books. Just sayin’.

In any case, I’ve got Hootsuite up and I’m clipping quotes from my books and scheduling Tweets to happen at regular intervals on all books. I think that I would like to isolate one day a month where I schedule Tweets for the entire month and then don’t have to worry about it for another month. That would get it out of the way and not let it be a “well, gee, I could write, but I really need to market.”

Classical avoidance.

Besides, I’ve noticed an uptick in sales recently. Here is a screen shot of my KDP sales report. I don’t think this counts any of the paperback sales either. I think I need to check CreateSpace for that. In any case, I know the numbers don’t amount to huge amounts (less than $20 in my pocket right now) but I can see that if I keep marketing these books and keep writing and connecting on Twitter, more¬†will follow.

Here is the screenshot…


Big things can come out of small beginnings.

Now I’m off to fix a couple of things on Amazon. If you search for my name Christine Shuck, you get one set of results. If you search for Christine D Shuck, you get a whole other set of results. Those second set of results do NOT point back to my Author Page on Amazon. Soooo…I’ve got some fixing to do. Once it is fixed, I’ll publish under Christine D Shuck, but I want it searchable by both!

In any case, one book down on scheduled tweets for the month. Time to get to the other three.