Goals – Gotta Have Them!

Exceeded Goals Last Week

So, I pleasantly surprised myself this past week. My goal of sending out queries – first set at 2-3 per week, is already at the ‘end goal’ of five queries per week.

Last week I submitted a total of SIX queries (counting from Monday through Sunday (yesterday). Today I submitted a new query, and that got me to thinking…perhaps I need to increase my query submissions. Perhaps I need to double them to TEN per week.

After all, I don’t have a ton of paying stuff out there, so I need to work twice as hard to get it going. Once I do, and the money begins to roll in, then I can take it a little easier. But for now, I have to try twice as hard until I make a name for myself.

At least, that’s my thought process.

In any case, my days are shaping up to be something like this:

5-6 a.m.   Wake up, check email, begin work

7 a.m.       Go downstairs with husband, eat breakfast, make coffee, talk for a bit, then upstairs to get back to work

7-9 a.m.    Work until kiddo wakes up, get her breakfasted, dressed and brushed (thankfully she can do all of this herself now) and either do some schooling, head to co-op, or go to a cleaning.

So really I have about 3-4 hours to work each day on writing. Afternoons I might get a chance, and sometimes at the LEARN co-ops as well. Weekends I also work for at least an hour or two each day if I can.

New Goals This Week

  • Submit at least two article/book queries per day (Monday-Friday)
  • Work on a book project (take your pick, I’ve got at least five to choose from!)
  • Begin going through all of my old Bubblews articles and turning them into articles
  • “Introduce myself” to at least three new potential magazines
  • Consider entering the next Writers of the Future contest

So I’m doubling my quota from five to 10 queries in a week. I hope to submit at least one book query this week – possibly the Quit Your Job, Change Your Life book that is 40% complete, or some other non-fiction project. Fiction books, unless you are well-known and established, typically need to be fully completed before shopping out to potential publishers.

And speaking of book projects, I need to review them, focus on one and continue adding to it. Perhaps QYJ, CYL, or perhaps one of the others. I won’t be sure until I dive into them.

I have a gold mine of ideas – bases for hundreds of articles – just in my Bubblews posts alone. So, I’m going to go through them, one by one, and see if there is something in them that moves me to write something spectacular and submit it.

Then I need to broaden my list of potential publishers. To date, I’ve submitted articles to five different magazine editors. I need to think BIGGER. I need to know multiple industries since I write in multiple genres – gardening, cooking, DIY, parenting, homeschooling, and more. I should know at least ten per genre, if not 30 or more. So again I find myself needing to stretch – I can’t just go with the ‘easy and familiar’ – I need to push out and find new people and make new contacts.

And lastly, I need to consider putting together a piece for the Writers of the Future contest. Either an offshoot story from the War’s End universe, something from the Chronicles of Liv Rowan (a rather intimidating 12-book series I will eventually get around to writing), or something entirely new.

Yeah, those goals should keep me busy for the week, don’t you think?