Details, Details, and Yes, More Details

Mentally I’ve been running through the list ever since Facebook booted me from posting any book promos for six days.

This mental list includes answers to HOW I’m going to take my income from $1 per day to $15 (or more).

  • Professional book covers (thanks to, I can do these myself)
  • Re-write all of my book blurbs to be eye-catching and intriguing
  • Slot War’s End: The Storm for a shorter free book giveaway on 12/1 and 12/2
  • Edit and update my two non-fiction books Get Organized, Stay Organized and The War on Drugs: An Old Wives Tale and then release them a month apart, doing Kindle free days for both of them.
  • Add several chapters to Schicksal Turnpike to turn it from a prequel into a PREQUEL* for The Chronicles of Liv Rowan
  • Finish The Hired Gun, get it edited and get it out there. Erotica sells!
  • Market, write, market, write – rinse and repeat

*I’ve had a couple of beta readers get back to me and say that they wanted to see more about the other world I referenced in passing. I’m going to try and take that to heart and make it happen.

Facebook Says I’ve Been Bad


So I may have gotten a little ambitious on posting on the Facebook promo groups I’m a member of. I think I posted in about 80 of them yesterday – 20 times for Gliese 581: The Departure and around 60 times for War’s End: The Storm before a message came up on the screen…

The message is from today – it seems I still have five days to go before I can post in Groups on Facebook.

Let this serve as a warning to others that, even though I remained in the rules for each of these groups (they all were promotion groups that state “post away” and “no limits”), Facebook was not okay with it.

It looks like I’ll need to do some investigating on the maximum of allowed posts so that I don’t trip their alarms and get banned permanently.

What’s worse is that it appears to be on ALL Facebook groups, including sites like Real Northeast – the community FB page I frequent. It won’t let me post there either – not any post – so I’ve really ticked the great god of Facebook off.

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