At least, that’s how I feel.

God, I hate pissing people off, offending them, or whatever. I also don’t like getting told off, even if I have, somewhat, deserved it. It makes me feel about three feet high and I just want to take my toys and go cry in a corner.

A post on HA went south in the worst way, and I doubt my follow-up apology post cut it. I did the best I could, but I really felt misunderstood and misconstrued.

Worse, it has consumed my afternoon and, knowing me, will stay with me for a while – a few days at the very least. I came home just after 1pm to find the two emails – one frosty, one rather angry, and I couldn’t get onto any of my websites for nearly two hours because some damned server was down.

By the time it came up I was ready to abase myself, prostrate on the floor and apologize – until I read, then re-read the post. Is it wrong of me to say I that I think I was misconstrued? That perhaps this reaction was not just in response to today’s post, but perhaps also has to do with my Herding Cats post from a few days past? Perhaps a few feathers were ruffled, someone was feeling under attack already (or things were a bit too accurate for their taste) and then today’s post put it over the top?

Or am I just being a hormonal bitch?

Hey, either way, it could happen. I rule out nothing.

But I hate conflict, and this has put a significant damper on my afternoon, affected my productivity completely, consumed my thoughts and now I just really want a margarita. (This from someone who gets tipsy maybe once every three months or more)

How can I turn this around? How can I use this huge amount of stress in a productive way?

p.s. And will someone besides a spammer please read this damned blog – I’m so f-ing sick of spammers. I will NEVER post your misspelled, Gingrish -laden monstrosities with links to penis enlargements, French clothing, or hot horny women here. Go find someone else!

p.p.s. I’m turning it around, slowly but surely. I opened up War’s End Book 2 and began writing in the I Can’t Forget chapter. Go me?