Countdown to Schicksal Turnpike

I’ve Turned Up the Heat

I’m experimenting a little here with heat, folks. Mainly, seeing if it gets me motivated. I think it will.

Schicksal Turnpike is nearly complete. I’m adding a few more details, but it is around 90% complete.

A couple of months ago, I sent out the beta version to my readers. There were issues, and I’m taking those issues and working on them, adding the details that had been missing.

And knowing me, I could keep doing this until the end of time, dithering about and continuing to polish, edit, adjust. However, if I do something drastic, like upload it to Amazon as a pre-order, now I’ve turned up the heat.

My feet are dancing to get the last of the edits done. March 19th, 2018 will be the official release date. And while three months might seem like all the time in the world, I have a feeling it will go faster than I can even imagine.

Why a Pre-Order?

I’ve been listening to The Creative Penn podcast whenever I clean a house (my current day job). And I’ve been picking up a plethora of excellent advice on marketing my writing. One of the suggestions I took to heart was to make your work available for pre-order. It means that you can generate interest for your book, even get sales (you won’t get the income until the release date), and improve your rankings. You can also accumulate reviews from your beta readers before the release date.

I can also still make edits and upload the completed manuscript before the release date. This just lights a fire under my butt to get it done, and done right, while marketing the book at the same time.

Short Stories and Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine

Recently a blog post by a new favorite author caught my eye. Meg Elison, the author of The Book of the Unnamed Midwife and The Book of Etta, wrote in her blog that one of her stories will be featured in the latest edition of Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine.

First off, I LOVED reading this magazine back in the 80s. And I had no idea it still existed. Color me clueless! My dad had a subscription to it, and also to Analog. I can remember that I was not allowed to read the magazines until he had finished with them. I was home first from school, however, and so I often got to page through it, and often read it cover to cover before he got home from work.

I have subscribed to a year’s worth of issues and can’t wait for my first issue to arrive. It will be a fusion of enjoyable reading and research. Because now that I know it still exists, I’m determined to write something fabulous and get it published in the magazine. What a blast from my youthful obsessions that would be!

Yesterday I was listening to Joanna Penn’s latest podcast of The Creative Penn, and she profiled Douglas Smith, a Canadian short story writer and they discussed how writing short stories can improve your writing skills.

I learned a lot from that podcast, and I will be following some of his advice. Recently, I committed to writing a short story each month, but I hope to increase that to two stories per month – one will be for my subscribers and free for them on this website with password access (see below for details) and the second will be for possible submission.

Mr. Smith gave some invaluable information about who to submit to and even pointed out that foreign language markets should be a destination for my work as well – and that you can sell the stories first rights in English and then do it again for a foreign language. Mind blown! He’s written a book that details some of these tactics, along with a good education in negotiating the best rights possible and I have it on order – Playing the Short Game. Yet another book to add to my reading list!

Now I need to add “work on those snippets and produce some short stories” to my to-do list!

Income Report

After bringing in a total of $2.32 in 2017 in writing royalties, I woke up in early November and thought, “Damn it, I’ve written FIVE books, why are they not selling?”

Short answer? Lack of marketing. So a lot has changed since then and by the end of November, I was excited to see a total of $114.77 in ebook sales and Kindle page reads.

This month has already exceeded that amount. Yesterday afternoon I noted that I was 77 cents short of matching the amount I had earned for all of November. Today, when I woke up, I had exceeded that. Earnings are now past the $120 mark.

Is this where I want to be? Of course not. I’ll need to be earning 20 times that to stop working at my cleaning biz, and that would just be for starters. I want to make a living at this.

And if you haven’t figured me out by now, I’ll let you in on one particular aspect of my nature, I’m a stubborn and rather determined person. I WILL make this happen!

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