Code Red – A Preview

It occurred to me the other day that you hear a lot of “I wrote x number of words today on Gliese 581: The Departure” or “Hey I’ve got eight chapters to go!”

But have I explained what the story is about? It’s setting, timeline, or synopsis?


I realized that wasn’t very fair. Because eventually, months from now, I’m going to be crossing my fingers when I hit that Upload button. I’m going to hope you want to read what I’ve written.

So here is a synopsis…

Gliese 581G: The Departure is set in the last few years of the 21st century, some 80 years after the socioeconomic collapse of the United States and a subsequent civil war. The Reformation that followed The Collapse was a scientific renaissance, which pushed the boundaries of known planets and space, resulting in the re-discovery of the planet known as Gliese 581G, or Zarmina’s World.

Daniel Medry, along with nearly 250 bright and talented individuals, is chosen to travel the 22 light years to the planet. But shortly after their departure, there is a virus of catastrophic proportions unleashed on Earth. Highly infectious, incredibly lethal, it rips through Earth’s population, leaving no one unscathed. Not even the space stations or colonies on the Moon and Mars.

The crew members aboard the spaceship Calypso are devastated by the news of Earth. Worse, serious breakdowns in their ship systems point to one indisputable fact, someone on board wants them all dead. It is a race to discover and stop the saboteur before all lives are lost…on Earth and in space.

Sound intriguing?

If so, then click on the link for a special treat…the first chapter, Code Red, in its original first draft…

Code Red – 1st Draft

Gliese 581G: The Departure is coming soon!

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