NYC Midnight BEGINS!

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I tried this competition once this time last year and was quickly frustrated. Honestly though, I was frustrated with myself. When I’m given strict parameters to work within I panic a bit.

In any case, I decided I would try again and submitted my fee with an early bird discount and put the date on my computer so it wouldn’t sneak up on me.

I get busy, however, so it was still a bit of a surprise to see it was time to start. For those not familiar with NYC Midnight, there are several rounds of elimination to go through with increasing difficulty (or perhaps just less time – which seems difficult to me). You are given three prompts and must structure your story around them while dealing with a serious word limit. The first round isn’t bad, you get one week and 2,500 words in which to construct your story. But as it goes on, the rounds are shorter and the total words allowed narrow down to 1,000 max. That isn’t much to create a short story with!

In any case, Round One has begun and my prompts are:

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Subject: Cheap Hotel

Character: Meteorologist

Hmmm…well I’ve got a week to get this figured out, written and submitted.