Out and About

Ooh, I am feeling so special. I’m out and about, and connected via wi-fi in a food court right now while P.E. has an acting class. How cool is that?

Gotta love where computers can do these days.

I was considering getting a tablet or a notebook – but basically I wanted what I have in a laptop…connectivity, ability to access my files, my calendar, and to be able to write. Right now I’ve got most of the above. I need to work on the whole file availability issues…I hate the thought of moving my files back and forth via zip drive, but I need something that is mobile, and having them on Google just doesn’t work.

I have switched to Google Calendar, walking away from Microsoft Outlook, that was a big jump, let me tell you.

I have two more posts in HA to complete before I can work on fiction this week. To work, to work?

In The Beginning

The Chronicles of Liv Rowan are a long way from being in print. As of today, I have 15,961 words in a Notes file and I am 14,308 words into Book 1 – The Glass Forrest (working title).

So why this blog?

Several reasons come to mind. First, I would like to chronicle in some fashion, my progress as I move through these books. And for this first entry what follows in an explanation of how I have progressed from short snippet (not even a short story) to the point of having at least eight books on my hands (and very possibly more).

I am also a life coach and entrepreneur. I know that anything worth doing takes time and effort and dedication. However, the most important step is actually moving forward with action towards your dreams. For those aspiring writers out there, you may enjoy the opportunity to see the process in action. By ‘making it real’ I hope to also show you how achievable it is. You can do this. Just like I did! Or perhaps differently, but you can still make it happen if you really want to.

I am also hoping that it will serve to keep me motivated. A “Geez Christine, it’s been a while since you blogged or wrote last. What’s up with that, chick?” I am a writer, after all. I don’t know of any who aren’t possessed at the odd and inopportune moment with fits of depression, insecurity, or self-loathing. “Everything I write is shit!”

These moments pass…eventually. Slowly, as your writing continues and your experience grows, these moments tend to come fewer and farther in between. However, they still happen. So sometimes it’s nice to see a good “Atta Girl!” or a win from last time to keep me going. A reminder if you will, of who I am and what I am capable of doing.

So without further ado, I present: How “The Chronicles of Liv Rowan” Started

I moved to Kansas City in 1997, after nearly three years of fighting for custody of my daughter. Returning ‘home’ to the place where I was born was powerful and I felt like anything was possible.

I enrolled in college, something that had been impossible due to the custody schedule in California, and began trying to write frequently. Several months after I had arrived I sat down with the self-assigned task to ‘write a description of a scene with as much detail as possible’. What resulted was a little snippet of a story that I titled “Great-Aunt Martha’s Car.”

I hadn’t really had a plan when I started writing it, and when a change in the scene came, I didn’t know what to do with it. I set it aside and moved on with other things, mainly work and school and life in general.

A decade later I would add a rather startling addition, Liv, and the car, would shift into another world. A year later I added onto the scene by incorporating an old man being the only witness to the shift, and the conversation between him and Liv’s great-Aunt Martha.

So, by 2008 I knew I had a girl who had abilities but did not realize it, whose Aunt was a witch and whose creepy neighbor was a warlock. When I returned to the story in 2009 and added again to it I realized with no small amount of dismay and terror that my little snippet was now located in Book Four of a series. Considering that I was still plodding along on “War’s End” and not sure when I would be done, this was terrifying.

How could I even think of writing such a series? Especially since all I knew were the names of the books, and nothing of the plots within? I again set it aside, convinced I was biting off more than I could chew.

In July 2010 I finished the first draft of “War’s End” and sent it off to a publisher for review. Time for a new project, right? I looked at several, “Schicksal Turnpike” was one that received a lot of attention and I did work on notes and back stories for that. But somehow, it didn’t feel right, so I moved on and pulled up what I now considered The Chronicles of Liv Rowan.

As I took more notes (I actually had to put in a Table of Contents there were so many), I realized I had even more books on my hands than I originally had thought. As the notes, characters, subplots and details began to emerge I learned that I had at least eight, possibly nine or even ten books to write.

Recognizing this truth, and accepting it, took a little bit of time. I asked myself, “What are you doing?! You’ve only actually finished two books in your entire life! One was non-fiction and at 37,000 words barely qualifies as a book and the second (my first ever fiction book “War’s End”) is still in need of tremendous editing. What are you thinking? Who in the hell is going to publish you?”

I pulled my hair, I gnashed my teeth. In the end, I decided, “Fuck it, I’m going for it.”

And so here I am.  My plans are to finish each book in order (of course). At this time I have basic outlines for:

Book 1 – The Glass Forrest

Book 2 – The See of Payne

Book 3 – The Volley of Mudd

Book 4 – Flea Keep

Book 5 – The Isle of Sasnak

Book 6 – Heart of the Frey

Book 7 – The Tutelage of Liv Rowan

Book 8 – The Three Peoples

C’mon kids, watch me fly…