Free Book Promotion

My friend Kerrie and I were having one of our semi-monthly Yapping Mommy Working Playdates the other day and, being that we are both writers, talk turned to book promotions. I realized that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and so is Black Friday!

This got me to thinking – after all, stores aren’t the only ones who get to promote Black Friday, so I’m doing a book promotion, just one day, the day after Thanksgiving, for my book War’s End.

From 11/27 through 11/28, you can get a copy of War’s End: The Storm absolutely free!

I hope that you will share this post on Facebook and with any of your Kindle-savvy friends. I’ll try and remember to post again, right before the promotion.

Get the first book for free, read it, review it, and then check out the sequel!

War’s End Book 2 is Available for Purchase!

WarsEnd Book2

I’m very happy to announce that War’s End: A Brave New World is now available for sale on in both Kindle and paperback formats.

Also, you will find War’s End: The Storm Kindle book for only 99 cents! And if you are like me and must have a paperback copy, here it is: War’s End: The Storm in paperback.

I hope you will take the opportunity to purchase the book and leave a review on Amazon. As a relatively unknown author, every review is needed! Even if you don’t agree with the premise, or find it to be less than five stars, SAY THAT, and give it a fair and honest rating. It helps me more than you could possibly know!

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting soon on some big changes in priorities and my goals for the next few months.

War’s End for Just 99 Cents!

WarsEnd book cover

I made the decision tonight to reduce the Kindle format of my book “War’s End” from $3.99 down to just 99 cents. I also removed the option for folks to borrow it for free, so I’m hoping it all evens out. The changes should take effect soon.

Just 99 cents to read an entire book. I’m hoping it helps drive sales up and that folks realize (and get excited over) Book 2 coming soon.

Speaking of Book 2 – I really, really, REALLY need to finish editing the paperback copy, send the corrections to CreateSpace and get the book released for sale.

I’ve been spending so much time writing on Bubblews that I’m not getting anything else done.

Balance, balance, where oh where is my balance?!

You know you want a copy of War’s End for your Kindle! Buy it here!

Writing for Bubblews, Tips and Tricks

I’ve been amping up my post writing for Bubblews recently. I’m trying to make the ‘ten a day’ maximum post and see if it works. As a result, I have quite a few writing-related posts done and live. Here is a review of them…

Writing Ideas for Bubblews

An Oasis in the Desert is my latest description of Bubblews and its community of Bubblers.

And let’s get back to Robert’s Rules for Writing, I have the following rules for you to consider:

Robert’s Rules of Writing Tip #21 – Set Yourself Down

Robert’s Rules of Writing Tip #22 – Pick Your Poison

Robert’s Rules of Writing Tip #23 – Bring Out Da Noise

And I’m a compulsive reader, with multiple books at a time on my docket, check out What Books Are You Reading for the skinny on what I’m reading these days.

As if Robert’s Rules of Writing were not enough, I also picked up The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle. Check out these tips:

Tip #1 – Stare at Who You Want to Become

Tip #2 – Spend 15 Minutes a Day Engraving the Skill On Your Brain

Tip #3 – Steal Without Apology

Are you writing? I am!

I’ve spent most of today working on Book 2 of War’s End and making some fairly good progress! I won’t say much more than that, other than, the end is in sight…and it isn’t too far away!


More Writing…Some Progress…

I’ve been slowly mucking my way through the sequel to War’s End. When will that be complete? Who knows…I guess when it is complete, or at least the chapter I’m agonizing is done, I’ll update on that.

I talked about writing your own bio the other day.

Meanwhile, here are a couple more reviews on Robert’s Rules of Writing…

Lesson 19 – Get Right, Or Get Close

Lesson 20 – Know the Territory

And now I’m off to read in bed and turn in early. So I can get up early and do it all over again!

I’m BACK…in the Saddle Again…

I’ve officially got zero excuses to not get to work on writing…and finishing…Book 2 of War’s End.

As of 10am this morning the recovered drive and data was in our hands and I just returned from the grocery store to find…everything right where it should be.

It was amazing to see it there, in front of me, and it was the first file I opened. 43,979 words, 1/3 to 1/2 complete, with the full story line plotted out.

In some ways, having my data lost was a good thing.

Really, Christine? A good thing? You feeling okay?

For one, it gave me some time to do other things, and that isn’t such a bad thing. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in one thing, to the exclusion of all others.

For two, it was a reminder of just how much I have done, so far, with my life. That I have gotten to this place where I can honestly say, “This is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to live and write, create and write, garden and write, and love, and laugh, and exist, and share knowledge…and write. For the rest of my days. Until my fingers and brain tire of stringing words and thoughts together.”

How many times in your life have you thought, “I can’t do that, it would take so long, and there is so little time.”

I thought that about college, time and again, over the eleven years of on again off again schooling it took to attain my itty bitty little Associate’s degree. But I’m damned glad I did it. I even learned to enjoy Algebra…and that took some doing.

I thought that when I contemplated having a second child EIGHTEEN YEARS after my first, and only child was born. My two girls, so amazing, so special.

I thought that whenever I dreamed of War’s End, of the Chronicles of Liv Rowan yet to be written, and Gliese 581. But War’s End is in print, and WE2 is 1/3 to 1/2 of the way done (now that I have my files back).

In the end, all we have is time. How we use that time says volumes about us. I plan to use my time to create, live, inspire, and laugh…as much as is humanly possible.

How about you?


Update: It’s now 4:30 p.m. and I’ve written just over 1,000 words. Now its time to stop and prepare for my class tonight. First time teaching the Edible Landscaping class, and I’ve got no babysitter and Dave’s in class. So I’m hoping Emily is cooperative tonight!


Contest at Amazon

So I’m re-doing the beginning of War’s End and will be submitting the entire manuscript to a contest soon. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is for unpublished and self-published authors.

Originally, when I read about the contest I thought of the Chronicles of Liv Rowan – unfortunately, it is far from finished, so I just ruled out entering the contest and sent an email to my dad and my eldest, telling them about the contest.

Dad wrote back, “I hope you are planning on submitting War’s End, if not, you really should.”

I thought about some of the feedback I have received from the book and about the possible slight revision I had come up with after hearing how hard it was to read the first two chapters for some people.

Now, many people will advise you to not revise without editorial order. And that is all well and good, if you actually HAVE an editor, which I do not.

I want this book published – without compromising the storyline. And if that means removing some of the ‘in your face’ violence, then I will do that. After all, I can always infer the violence, which is often better in any case.

One person who read the story said, “If I hadn’t already known you, and simply picked this up in a bookstore, I would have put the book back down in that first chapter and not bought it.”

And that had me worried.

Now Amazon’s contest has two categories – Young Adult and General Fiction. Due to the violent content, which will be there in some degree or another, regardless of edits, I am thinking that I should submit under the General Fiction category.

However, I’m not entirely sure. After all, Jess is fifteen/sixteen – definitely young adult age. Also, I think of the recent writing coming out for young adults – the Twilight series, the Hunger Games series, and much, much more. It is far more ‘adult’ than what I had ever considered ‘young adult’ to be.

Something to think about as I finish editing through the manuscript.

Now the last time I asked for feedback or thoughts, I got some damned spam for a penis enlargement. Having neither a penis, nor wanting a penile enlargement, I pressed the Spam Comment button, which I do a lot on this site.

However, I would like to hear opinions – should I submit it as general fiction or as young adult?

Three Weeks – Give or Take a Few Days

I’ve not written a word in War’s End book 2 in three weeks – give or take a day. I fell behind in my posts for the two main blogs, not managing to finish each on the weekend, and letting my weekday mornings be filled with futzing about.

Which isn’t to say I haven’t gotten a LOT done…it just hasn’t been of the writing variety!

Yesterday I jumped back on the horse and finished “A Hunting Expedition.” Wes might be a prick, but he’s an integral part of the end of Book 2.

I’m struggling with “The Face of Evil” – actually haven’t written a word. I haven’t decided what and where Cooper goes for these eight or nine years of story.

I’m also struggling with Carl and Liza – how to progress their relationship?

Let’s face it, after jumping off the horse for three weeks, it’s a struggle to get back into the flow. This very post is a prime example. I didn’t want to sit here staring at the computer screen typing nothing, but my brain just locked up the minute I sat down.

Writing, any kind of writing, helps with this. So, now that I have loosened myself up in a simple update, perhaps the magic will be better ready to flow now.

Get set!


One More Chapter

It’s currently just after 7:30 and I’ve finished the “I Can’t Forget” chapter in Book 2 of War’s End.


It looks as if I have about…

  • 19 chapters to write in full
  • 2 chapters that have been started but need a little to finish them
  • 2 more chapters that were written a long time ago and need to be reviewed and edited for inconsistencies

Word count is now at 29,650 words.

Now I am faced with a decision – do I write a chapter updating the reader on Scott Cooper, “The Face of Evil” or do I tackle the next chapter on Jess, “The First Summer”?


Maybe it’s time for a cuppa joe and then I’ll hone in on a goal for today.