Free Book Promotion

My friend Kerrie and I were having one of our semi-monthly Yapping Mommy Working Playdates the other day and, being that we are both writers, talk turned to book promotions. I realized that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and so is Black Friday!

This got me to thinking – after all, stores aren’t the only ones who get to promote Black Friday, so I’m doing a book promotion, just one day, the day after Thanksgiving, for my book War’s End.

From 11/27 through 11/28, you can get a copy of War’s End: The Storm absolutely free!

I hope that you will share this post on Facebook and with any of your Kindle-savvy friends. I’ll try and remember to post again, right before the promotion.

Get the first book for free, read it, review it, and then check out the sequel!

Progress Is…GOOD


A week ago I decided to get cracking on the writing (and the marketing of said writing) side of things. And I have to say it has been going pretty well.

Probably the biggest take aways I have for this week are that, writing takes…writing.

Just like organizing, or working at a job, or driving a car, it takes time and energy and constant exercising of those writing muscles.

So in case I hadn’t mentioned it, my goals for my writing were to:

  • Write six blog posts per week in my three blogs/websites (The Deadly Nightshade, Homeschool Advocate and here)
  • Write daily in one of my personal journals (I have over 20 and I just randomly write in them, crazy but true).
  • Write 500-1000 words on Gliese 581 every day

Have I met all three goals every day of the week?


Most of the time I have not. Other times, I’ve exceeded them.

Take Wednesday, for example. I set myself the goal of 1,000 words and ended up writing around 1,750. And the next day? Around 1,000 again before I packed it in for the night..

I need to keep this pace going. If I do, I’ll be done with the first draft of Gliese 581: Departure in about two weeks. Prior to this week I had been hovering at just under 41,000 words. Last night? 45,400. Hooray!

Hand Slaps

And I am definitely smarting from a sharp hand slap from Mail Chimp. Not that I didn’t have it coming, but still.

It all unfolded kind of like this…

Reading Tim Grahl’s Your First 1,000 Copies I latched onto the first goal, get a subscriber mail list.

And I cheated, I’ll admit it. While Grahl was reminding me to ask permission, and start with getting subscribers the good old-fashioned way, I decided to jumpstart the list by importing my Gmail contacts, which apparently included every person I had ever emailed for pretty much anything. That meant that I was looking at a list of about 875 subscribers, which I then whittled down to around 490 subscribers. Unwilling, willing, whatever.

I sent out the first newsletter on Sunday, 8/16. By the end of the day I had an email warning from Mail Chimp over the number of unsubscribes I had received. It threatened that if my unsubscribe rate rose, my list might be in jeopardy and my account would be suspended.

There was pretty much nothing I could do except wait it out. And last night, I received another email from Mail Chimp. At that point, they suspended the entire list, which included the 30+ folks who had voluntarily signed up on their own in the past week. [sigh]

I was allowed to send out an email through Mail Chimp requesting all folks double-opt in again. At that point, late last night, my email subscriber list had been reduced to a total of THREE subscribers by Mail Chimp.


So if you have gotten the email, and DO NOT want these weekly emails, then do nothing. However, if you DO want to be on the weekly list (which has giveaways to my books and other benefits) then you will need to either respond to that email or fill in the form below to subscribe…


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The Learning Curve…My Brain is Crying “Uncle”

I started reading Your First 1000 Copies by Tim Grahl in order to better understand HOW to market myself and my writing more effectively.

It’s all part of the big plan…you know, the one that includes becoming a bestselling author?

I would settle for even a middle-selling author…

Or just a selling author…

Okay, well that last one’s not really fair. After all, I earn around $5 – $21 per month on my writing per month. [cue sarcasm’]. You know, enough to retire and eat bonbons by the poolside.

So I’m selling books…just not quite at the pace that I would prefer!

So I’m reading about marketing and Grahl suggests that an email distribution list is still the most effective. I like him, because he stresses that you must offer quality and NOT just be “sellsellsell.” Which I cannot and will never be. I’d starve to death if I were a saleswoman, I really would.

He suggests a regular email, sent to folks with their permission, that provides them with information and benefits them in some way.

I know I can do that. After all, I teach classes on a wide variety of subjects, I think I can manage adding tips and tricks to my emails, along with summarizing all of my blog posts, promoting my upcoming classes, and giving folks updates/excerpts on my books – all on a once a week basis.

So I envision this yesterday, sign up for Mail Chimp, and start working on a basic email distribution list while continuing to ruminate over how my first email will look. I was struggling a bit, thinking, “Well, WHO do I really have to send emails to? HOW am I going to grow this list?”

And really, this is why writing in a journal, in ADDITION to writing here in these blogs, or writing my manuscripts, is so important. This morning, as I was writing in my journal, it hit me like a brick.

Duh…I’m teaching a class tonight to 26 people. I think I can manage to get at least SOME of them to sign up for the email list. They kind of like me. I say this with certainty, since I see them showing up again and again to my classes!

Marketing is…it’s difficult for me. But you know what? I’m an auto-didact. I WILL figure this out.

Best-selling…middle-selling…selling more than I currently am…here I come.