Damn, What a Ride!

I have lived this moment before, I’m pretty sure I have. Yet, every time it hits me, it feels new, transformative even.

The past few days have been absolutely incredible. The words have pushed, shoved, screamed at me to get out on the page. They march out, like a tiny army of ants, ready to conquer the blank pages, and fill the screen.

There are moments when I think that becoming a writer is some awful form of self-torture. Those moments when you sit there, staring at a blank screen thinking, “How the hell do I get Y character from Point A to Point B?”

There are times when the dialogue is so stilted, my ideas and thoughts so scattered that I’m ready to commit seppeku. Seriously, hand me that sword.

And then there are those rare moments, words wrapped in joy, that fall onto the page.

I can’t properly describe it, but when it occurs, the only thing I can do is hang on and WRITE. As fast as possible, notes everywhere, words, phrases, connections – they dance, DANCE out of me in a flood.

And in that moment, everything in my life makes sense. As if every moment I have lived up until this time has brought me inexorably to this place, where the stories breed, the characters laugh, love and hate.

I swear, I could stand on top of a mountain and sing like that overly happy woman on The Sound of Music.

Let me tell you, sometimes writing is one hell of a ride.

p.s. I expect to have the first draft of Schicksal Turnpike done this weekend

Writing Update

I think it is time for a writing update.

That’s my excuse to step away from Gliese 581 for a moment and screw my head on straight. It isn’t easy killing off 99% of the world’s population with a virus, you know.

So Gliese 581: Departure is a hybrid dystopian/TOTWAWKI/sci-fi hybrid. Because, if you know me at all, I simply refuse to be defined by one genre alone. It simply isn’t in my nature.

In any case, if you haven’t read War’s End:The Storm and its sequel War’s End: A Brave New World, well, I really suggest you do that. Not just because they are good stories, but also because I write in one big ole shared universe. And I do love to further my favorite characters down through the ages. So while you might not see Jess or Chris, the main protagonists of both of the War’s End books, you will get to meet their children and grandchildren in the Gliese 581 series.

So I’m hard at work on Gliese 581: Departure – the first of two, possibly three books. And I’ve…

  • Identified 38 chapters (typically I title the chapters, write a brief description of what will happen in it and then move on, returning later to write the chapter)
  • Finished writing 17 chapters
  • Almost finished four more chapters
  • Started two more, but have significant work to do.

So…wow…I’m just over 50% done.


I hope to have this book up and running (or ready for edits) by spring…


That is a big if. I’ve got a LOT of classes scheduled…as in over 50 for the first seven months of the year. But I would dearly love to get this done, edited and in print by summer.

You are going to buy a copy…right? Right?

Gliese 581 – I’m Back At It

Gliese 581

Just a quick post for those who were wondering (and asking), “So Christine, what’s next?”

What’s next is definitely Gliese 581, a science fiction series of at least two books, possibly three, we will see. At present, I’ve got about 17,000 words written and the first book completely outlined.

This series is set in the War’s End universe, so 80 years after the end of the Second American Civil War. Some of the main characters are descendant’s of folks you met in the War’s End books (Tina Farnsworth who went on to marry Joseph Perdue is the mother of Edith Sarah Hainey – Patient Zero in this new book)

And EcoNu is a new and re-branded Monsanto, up to no good in a new century – really is there any surprise there?

Throw in a spaceship, and a new planet, and maybe even a worldwide plague, and you will have a small snippet of the story to come. Stay tuned, I may throw out little bits and pieces as I go!

Writing Income and Goals

I’ve never been afraid of posting goals and income and I’m not going to stop now. As my involvement in writing for Bubblews is officially dead in the water, I took a few weeks to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Part of me is gungho, “gotta follow the money and get myself established writing articles.” Another big part of me knows that if all I am doing is following the money, I will not be doing what I truly, truly love to do, which is write full and complete stories…books in particular. I get caught up in following the money, something I did with Bubblews, to the exclusion of all else.

If I had all day every day to write, it would be different. But I don’t. I have about one hour, maybe 90 minutes of writing, before I need to focus on kiddo needs and home needs and other things. So I took yet another look at things and decided I wanted to set a goal of selling $100 worth of articles per month starting with January 2015. And moving up to $200 per month by mid-2015. If I keep my goal small and easy to accomplish, I can also focus on my book writing. Because my goal there is to write at least one book a year. So far, I’ve averaged about four books in the past six years, and I know I can do better than that without sacrificing quality.

So for now, my goals for writing are:

  • Get Gliese 581: Departure done (I’m about 1/4 of the way there)
  • Write enough articles to earn $100-$200 per month
  • Continue to market/promote my books through Twitter and other social media sites

Enough for now, I’m off to write!

Welcome to My Website!

The purpose of this website and blog is to promote my writing – which you can currently find links to on the right (or here in this post).

Interested in reading my blogs? I have two public ones…

The Deadly Nightshade – a gardening, down-to-earth, get your sustainability movement on, grass roots, eco-friendly, et cetera.

The Homeschool Advocate – where I discuss all things parenting, homeschool, and learning-oriented

About a year ago, I started a blog titled “The Chronicles of Liv Rowan” which I have copied over to here, more content will follow.

I currently have two books in print and available for download. Those are:

Get Organized Stay Organized – a book that will get your home and paperwork organized and under control in just a few easy steps. Available as a trade paperback.

War’s End – A gritty story of survival in the face of insurmountable odds. Is it fiction? Or a forewarning of a all-too-possible future? Available in trade paperback or as a digital download.

Most of my posts here will be short and to the point (I hope). Writing about my writing seems…redundant.

That said, I recognize that there are two great reasons to write this blog:

  1. To promote my work. I can tell you to buy the books until I’m blue in the face, but maybe if you read my writing, you will be intrigued enough to want to find out just what these books have to offer.
  2. To encourage a better understanding – of me, of writing in general, and of the motivations we are all driven by – as different as they may be.

I’ve always been curious about others. Why do they do what they do? What were they thinking when they said what they said? And if you are curious too, then keep reading. Maybe we will entertain each other.