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I’m In Love…With

I’m In Love…With

I recently started listening to podcasts while I clean houses. It is literally the ONLY time when I can pay attention to a podcast and actually get any real information out of it. The rest of my life is filled with input/output – that blast of information I’m either putting on the page, looking up, or dealing with the kiddo and other family matters.

And as we move into winter and I know there will be zero Airbnb prep going on, I decided to turn my focus from the Get Paid for Your Pad author Jasper Ribbers and TED Talks, and focus instead on marketing and writing tips.

Cue Joanna Penn, author of How to Market Your Book and host of the Creative Penn podcast.

Having been used to Jasper Ribbers shorter podcast, all of a half hour less in length, I was taken aback by Joanna just talking for a good twenty minutes before finally getting to her guest. However, in the middle of all of that talking she mentioned And I jotted a note on my phone to check it out today.

I’m glad I did, and sort of wish I hadn’t at the same time! I’ve spent most of the day working on it. And I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning!

I began by re-designing my War’s End covers…

And then I moved on to the sequel to The Storm, A Brave New World…

Aaaaannnnddd that led me to tackle The War on Drugs: An Old Wives Tale…

I’m going to do some quick revisions and updates on An Old Wives Tale before re-releasing it.

And now I’m considering doing the cover for Get Organized, Stay Organized as well…

It sure could use it, don’t you think?!

I just whipped this puppy up…

I frigging LOVE this cover! I would totally buy this book!

Canva has premium options, as well as free and low-cost images. So far I’m in for all of $11. The site is relatively easy to use and I really like how the book covers are looking. If nothing else, they look far more professional.

What do you think?