Can I…

I’m digging into my erotic thriller The Hired Gun today.

Years ago, I read an interesting series – The Deathlands – that was labeled Men’s Adventure. It was a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic future filled with mutants, a co-lead central character with psychic hair (I kid you not) and a gun-slinging man’s man as the protagonist. There were plenty of sex scenes in it as well, as I recall.

I loved it.

And while this series is most definitely not sci-fi, not post-apocalyptic (or even dystopian), I can’t help but want to include readers of both genders in it.

One part of me says, “You can’t write it to please everyone.” The other is busy pointing out that men like to read about sex too.

And in any case, that is far from the emphasis – it’s simply the gravy on top of the story.

I wrote this blurb when I was just thinking of it as an erotic thriller…

Shane Ellis is a hired gun, determined to do his job, and keep his clients alive, no matter who is trying to kill them. Shane lives by and enforces The Code, a strict set of rules that have given his clients the highest survival rate – despite the dangers they have faced. Follow The Code and you stay alive. But Shane isn’t prepared for Lila, sexy, stubborn, and determined to ignore his rules. And Lila isn’t prepared for what he will do when she breaks each and every one of them.

But the story is more than that. It has corruption, money-laundering, and a shadowy organization that we are just going to skim the surface of in the first book.

So while I’m busy writing the chapters and focusing on the plot, I really need to consider re-writing the blurb to something that might encourage guys to pick this up.


Or maybe I should just stick with the ladies.


Do guys like to read about sex?