Bump in the Road

Word of warning. You are probably going to see some higher levels of stream of consciousness, “how the hell do I do THIS?” kind of posts in the days and weeks to come.

Maybe without the higher levels…maybe just an “oh duh” moment or two as well.

Take last Friday morning’s writing adventures for example…

My dad had sent me a link to this list of 19 websites that were looking for writer submissions. Near the bottom of the list was Tin House, which caught my eye and so I followed the link to the magazine to check them out, noticing almost immediately that Molly Ringwald wrote for them. Yes, Molly Ringwald, teen star. Interesting.

I read the sample essay they had posted a link to and found it funny. It reminded me of a growing up story of my own, one where I was obsessed with being called modest (I wanted that title real bad, REAL bad.) and how it didn’t end so well for me. Having read the essay by Rachel Yoder, I felt I had a feel for the magazine, so I sat down and wrote the story out.

I was all set to find out the specifics of submitting it to them for consideration, and so I went to the Submissions Guidelines page to get the nitty gritty details.

Suffice it to say, I should have gone to that before writing the essay.


Apparently they are only accepting submissions along the theme of rejection.

Something tells me I’ll get a rejection all right, if I bother sending this story that has nothing to do with rejection at all!

So now I’ve got a 821 word count essay that, while it might be ‘perfect’ for Tin House, is definitely not in the theme of rejection.

[bigger sigh]

This is yet another bump in the road. It also begs the question, which comes first the article or the entity?

And also, who do I pitch it to now?

I’m getting there. But the road is bumpy. No avoiding that learning curve for me!