Better Habits

Weekends Are for Marketing & Blogging

The world of self-publishing is really opening up to new authors, and even established authors no longer satisfied with the status quo. Each week I tune in and listen to several excellent podcasts. They give me great ideas I can implement, and continue to buoy my spirits. 

Each week I make it a point to listen to:

  • The Creative Penn – Joanna Penn is in line with the cutting edge of new developments in the publishing world
  • The Book Marketing Show – Dave Chesson, creator of KDP Rocket (an essential tool for keyword searches for ads and more)
  • The Self-Publishing Show – Mark Dawson is living proof that you can make it as an Indie author. I’ve signed up for (and need to continue learning from) his Ads for Authors course
  • The Portfolio Life – Jeff Goins has some great insight as well into the processes of writing
  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job – Cathy Heller is inspiring. This podcast is for all creatives.

Sometimes, however, the amount of knowledge that is flowing in is rather overwhelming and I noticed a rather extreme dip in my writing output over the past year as I learned more and more about how to be successful in publishing.

And not just that, but it’s kind of addicting to watch my stats on the KDP dashboard. It faithfully records sales and I find myself checking it multiple times in a day, which distracts me from my other tasks.

And of course, there are plenty of family and home obligations. Every day is full!

Tons of Info + too many distractions + family obligations = not enough writing

I’m hoping to break it up a little, though. Weekends are busy times for us, but I can usually scratch out a little time to go through my AMS ads, figure out what is working and what isn’t and adjust my ads accordingly. It’s also a good time to go through and create a blog update, like this one!

When it comes to the more creative side, that still needs to be woven into the spaces between cleaning houses, homeschool and family life.

I can’t do much about eliminating those time sucks. After all, I want them in my life, or else I wouldn’t have had children and become a foster mom! And the cleaning houses is necessary for at least the next 18 months.

Adoption Gone Wrong?

As foster parents who hope to adopt, we are required to take additional classes to prepare us for adopting a child in the future. We are eight months into fostering a little girl, and the case goal is still reunification, but 2019 is promising to be a year full of activities, and so I figured we needed to get all the training done now instead of when our lives are even more busy than they currently are.

As we sat in class and the instructor was busy telling us that there would be no “take backsies,” I was suddenly struck with a story about an adoption gone wrong, and a dangerous violent, evil entity trapped within an innocent child’s body – and it only comes out in winter.

I was listening to Jeff Goins talk the other day about how writing a great book is typically about taking an idea that is 80% someone else’s and 20% your own unique spin. Said another way, readers look for stories that remind them of other stories they have read.  As Goins put it, “Like Lord of the Rings, only everyone is trying to kill each other” (a.k.a. Game of Thrones).

I’ve begun taking notes on it. It’s working title is “Winter’s Child.”

Keep Moving, Don’t Stop

I think the biggest thing I try to remember is to keep moving, don’t stop, and above all, stay positive and don’t lose hope. Nothing truly worth doing is going to be a 100% walk in the park. It’s hard, it’s frustrating at times, but I keep on going.

Full steam ahead!