Back to Reality – and Second Quarter Report

Good news and bad news often go hand in hand – and so it goes.

I ended the month with approximately $300 worth of ebook sales and Kindle page views.

Snap back to reality,

Oh there goes gravity

Having my writing income shoot up to that dizzying height was exciting and rather distracting.

Oh, so distracting.

I know it is small potatoes, and worse, it is not regular or reliable yet. This is how I felt when I first started my cleaning biz. I remember being over the moon excited when I cleared $300 in a month. Nowadays I make more than seven times that amount and am quite content with working part-time at it so I can do other things like write!

In late March, I posted the following figures:

January 2018 (sales from November 2017) gross income: $123.30

February 2018 (sales from December 2017) gross income: $203.91

March 2018 (sales from January 2018) gross income: $127.41

Total for 1st Quarter 2018: $454.62

And now I have the numbers for the second quarter of 2018, which is payments for sales in February through April of 2018…

  • April 2018 (sales from February 2018) gross income: $107.54
  • May 2018 (sales from March 2018) gross income: $67.56
  • June 2018 (sales from April 2018) gross income: $88.58

Total for 2nd Quarter 2018: $263.68

Wow, well, a decline from the first quarter 2018. And that means that 3rd quarter 2018 will most likely be my best quarter yet, since the sales from June will be paid out then, along with May’s sales which were approximately $130.

I’ve taken the plunge and invested in Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors course. I plan on diving into the videos this month and I’ll see if I can’t learn how Facebook ads work.

Mark Dawson is making serious money with his fiction, to the tune of $80k per month in book sales and page reads alone. Now Mark also has more books than I do, at least twenty, possibly more. But even with my six, I should be seeing more sales.

So I’m hoping the course will help. After all, if I can get my writing income up, it means the renovations on our two future rental houses can go quicker, which means I can stop cleaning sooner than my target of 3 1/2 years from now.

One more week of scattered time with kiddo, holiday and more and then I hope to make some real progress on my book projects. I’ll have a full four weeks to work in writing around cleanings before homeschool starts in the fall!