Awake Too Early and Goals = FAIL

Awake Too Early

I woke up this morning at three o’clock and needed to pee. No problem, I thought to myself, I’ll just get up, pee and get right back to sleep.

Except that my brain turned on and I started thinking of this and that and, before you know it, i’m wide awake and it is 3:30…and 3:45…and 4:00…and 4:30.

I finally got up at 4:30, and took a bath at 5:00.

I’m exhausted, yet awake. Maybe if I get really, really lucky, I’ll be able to sneak in a short nap before Em wakes up at around 9:30.

Goals = FAIL

Sometimes I make goal, and sometimes, I fail in a rather epic manner. Last week is a good example. Buoyed by my ‘win’ of getting five or six submissions sent in to various magazines, I doubled the number for last week, sure I could manage ten submissions.

I managed only two for the entire week.

Worse, I sit here exhausted and frustrated and know that I’m not going to get anything done right now.

At least I’ve manage to write/post/and schedule my TDN posts for the week.

That’s something…right?!