Annual Family Newsletter – Done!

He he, I’m writing the annual family newsletter.

It’s been a couple of years – I just got busy and never got around to it. But plenty of family members have commented that they like receiving it, so I’m back on top of it this year.

I titled it “Shuck House” – the byline reads, “It’s odd, quirky and it’s all things Shuck”

Dave just has no sense of humor about his last name. I have wanted to name the newsletter, “Aw, Shuck It” or “Go Shuck Yourself” and he just looks at me with this pained expression.

Growing up with the last name of Sandfort – the best that people could do was tease me and say, “Oh, are you related to Sanford & Son?”

If you didn’t grow up in the 70s or earlier that is a reference to an old tv show. In any case, I didn’t have a name that could be used inventively by other children to torment me – so I’m pretty much immune to such things.


He’s read it, and only had one change. A typo, if you can believe that. So I’ve apparently fallen within the reasonable confines of proper Shuck name etiquette. Although really, “Go Shuck Yourself – the Shuck Family Newsletter” has such a cool ‘in your face’ kind of vibe. [sigh]

I’ll probably post it here eventually.