A 3,000 Word Day?!

Some Days I ROCK At This Writing Gig


This morning as I relaxed in the bathtub for a few minutes before starting my day, I felt my anxiety begin to increase.

Yesterday was a rather anxious day. I didn’t enjoy having a social worker in my face telling me that the SIX BLANKETS ON MY FATHER’S BED were not enough.

Seriously, how does it turn from “I want to make sure that you are allocating the SSI funds in appropriate manner” to accusatory looks and claims that he’s freezing to death when he hasn’t said anything about being cold?

It set me all off-kilter yesterday and I got zero writing done.

My dad now has eleven, yes, eleven blankets on his bed. I asked him this morning if they had helped and he said that they had.

In any case, today, as I lay there in the bathtub and felt my anxiety over my frustrations of the day before begin to affect today I told myself quite firmly…

I cannot control what the social worker thinks. I cannot control whether my dad stays with me or if he goes to live (and die) on his own. So what can I control? What can I do, right now, today, that is completely and totally within my power? I can write. I can write like I was supposed to write yesterday. I can move closer to finishing this book.

And with that, my anxiety went away. After I fixed my dad breakfast and saw him off on the shuttle to the senior center, I sat down at my desk and got to work. By the time I needed to leave to go to a doctor’s visit, I had written 1,200 words. And after I returned and had some lunch, I jumped back in until I was surprised to realize I not only had written over 3,000 words but also written a full chapter from beginning to end.

3,097 words in total. An excellent day’s work when you consider the daily goal of 500 words. It felt awesome to realize I had written the equivalent of six days worth in just a few hours.

Consolidating/Reducing My Blogs?

Recently I’ve been looking at my blogs and wondering if it is time to reduce and consolidate.

I started The Learning Advocate (originally the Homeschool Advocate) when my now 12-year-old was just four. I added and backdated several entries from when I had homeschooled my eldest, now 30, and I’ve been pretty regular with the updates over the past eight years.

My reasoning for starting the blog was the hope that I would re-kindle the parenting classes I had taught/facilitated through the YWCA in San Jose back in the early 90s. I loved those classes. They weren’t parenting classes as much as they were communication classes – giving amazing tips and tricks on how to interact positively with all ages, including kids. I remember telling folks that they could use these approaches on their spouses, their bosses and even their parents.

I had hoped to see these classes spread here, in Kansas City, but they never did and my homeschool blog remained just that, a journal of my (and my young daughter’s) adventures in homeschooling. No life-changing lessons, just an account of what/how we set about accomplishing our learning goals.

Around the same time, maybe a year before that, maybe a year later, I don’t really remember, I started The Deadly Nightshade blog. A place where I could write about frugality, green living, DIY, gardening, and post recipes – it has garnered the most views and responses over the years.

Out of it, grew over fifty different classes on everything from gardening, to diy, crafts, and cooking. I taught these classes at the Mid-Continent Public Libraries, Powell Gardens, NKC School District, UMKC’s Communiversity, and North Kansas City library.

I had an amazing garden, even after moving from Belton to Historic Northeast Kansas City. I was teaching classes, participating in farm and home tours, and more. And then in late 2016, my life changed and I found myself outside of the United States for the first time in my life, only not on a leisure trip. Instead, I was bringing my dad home to live with us.

Two years later, he’s still here and I no longer teach classes.

Life changes. And we adapt.

I’ve had so many interests – art, gardening, DIY, crafts, teaching, homeschooling – so many different pulls at my time and attention.

But for now, I’m focused on a small handful of things:

  • Writing every day
  • Getting the two houses on either side of us renovated and earning money as Airbnb’s or rentals
  • Homeschooling my daughter
  • Taking care of house and home and family

And I’m finding that, as much as I would like to do these other things, these are enough. More than enough.

And so, over the past month or two, I’ve been looking at my blogs and wondering, What should I cut?

In the end, it will probably be that I keep blogging here and in The Cottages and stop adding to The Learning Advocate or The Deadly Nightshade . I’ll probably keep the domain names for a while, at least a year or two, until I’m really, really super sure I want to no longer have them.