Born to Write, Not Dead Yet

A Mini-Autobiography

A Facebook friend who hosts a podcast regularly puts out questions on Facebook. One of his latest ones?

Write a six-word autobiography.

And thus my title: Born to Write, Not Dead Yet

This is especially true after this past week and Round #3 of illness for the year. I have two takeaways from all this illness.

#1 – I made up for not getting a cold or flu for three years

#2 – Next fall, needle-phobic or not, I’m getting a flu shot – because this blows

And look, I figured out how to make a meme!

New Schedule

When I first put my daughter in public school, I didn’t know what to do with myself. All of those hours at home without her, what in the world would I do with myself? My schedule of cleaning clients changed and changed again, and suddenly I was working five days a week on most weeks.

And then the kiddo said, “Mama, can we go back to homeschool next year?”

And of course, I said yes. Because I know now, after six months of public schooling, that even with the best teachers (and she has some awesome ones) that we were on the right track with homeschooling after all. She’s at the expected grade level (or well above) in all subjects, she has dipped her toes into the public school environment and gotten to see what it was like, and now she is ready to return to homeschooling.

Not having to wait to go pee, or be told to not talk in the halls or lunch, and no recess breaks – public school has its drawbacks. It also had a host of fabulous teachers, and we had a wonderful experience interacting with them.

So now I needed to be ready. I examined my schedule, realized that over half of my clients were set for 9 a.m. cleanings and began sending emails and making changes.

My most creative work happens in the morning – the last thing I want is to lose that to dusting and vacuuming.

There were a few exceptions, but for the most part, my housecleanings will be in the afternoons and my mornings will be filled with writing and then in the fall, also homeschooling.

I’ve instituted my new schedule and will be continuing to work towards it in the weeks and months to come. I wanted to start now because having the schedule in place before the shift will make a huge difference.

I have been frustrated as well that I haven’t seen as much writing progress as I might have hoped.

In the evening, before shutting down and going to bed, I close Outlook, Facebook, and pretty much everything that is distracting on my computer. First thing in the morning, instead of checking my emails, I go straight into Scrivener and look at my current writing projects. I write what I can, add to the stories in some way, and keep that focus as long as possible before moving on to the other distractions of the day.

Routine – it’s what’s for breakfast.


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It’s the Little Things in Life

It is the little things in life that make me happy…

He Really, Really Likes Me!

My husband sent me this through Facebook the other day and said he was going to get it for me…

Because, honestly, what else besides meat flowers says “I love you the BEST?”

Flowers fade, but the memory of that tasty meat and fresh herbs…mmmm…

Big Thing

And here is a little thing that was a really BIG thing for me. I figured out how to create a book funnel page.


I feel like a grown-up!

Here is what it looks like…

I created it in Canva after much indecision, gnashing of teeth, and no small amount of colorful language. It even works! It will take you to the sign-up landing page if you click on it.

Tip: Use the Social Media 800×800 pixel object to edit to your heart’s desire. Don’t worry about making the button itself active, simply edit the photo to point to the landing page URL once you have it where you want it in your website.

Should I even tell you how stressed out this had me? I feel so technologically challenged at times. It took me a few weeks of trying to explain my predicament to a couple of other folks, offering them money to do it for me, getting zero response, and deciding “You know what? I can damned well figure this out!”


I am rather ridiculously proud of myself as a result.

So there you go. Short and sweet today because my creative juices were all sunk in this two-hour-long “gotta figure this sucker out” odyssey.

Here it is again, because I remain ridiculously proud. Go on, click on it!