Chores First, Marketing Second, and Then…

Chores First

They aren’t really chores. Writing isn’t a chore for me, but a freedom of expression.

Okay, all bullshit aside, sometimes it is a chore. But not in this case.

Pre-planning me, I need to feel like I have at least 6-12 months of short stories in the can and ready. So I’ve been working on those.

As you may recall, these short stories are for my email subscribers only. I am rolling out one of these short stories each month. So far I have written Forward Reach (January), 99 Problems (February), Reek of Bone (March), and I’m currently working on Incident in Philly (April).

All of these little stories provide back stories on the fiction books – from the War’s End series, Gliese, and the upcoming Chronicles of Liv Rowan series.

Marketing Second

I’ve seen my page reads flatline in the past week and that has me concerned. I wasn’t making a lot of money with Kindle Unlimited page reads, but it was at least some money.

As is my way, I went through the typical “What am I doing? This writing thing isn’t working, I’m a failure!” This happens with regularity. That said, it happens less often than it used to. I imagine that most people deal with a fear of failure and on a regular basis. Imagine if we didn’t. Imagine if we weren’t shackled by fear, insecurities, and even a healthy dose of self-loathing.

I’ve spent far too much time in that realm and I have no intention of returning.

I bought a book on Amazon – Mastering Amazon Ads, it arrived today and I’ve already read the first three chapters and created my initial ads which are currently pending review. I heard about it on The Creative Penn’s podcast and thought “I must have this book!” You can find the specific episode here.

Every time I think I’ve got it together and understand all of the ins and outs of being a creative entrepreneur, I’m smacked on the nose and reminded that I still have a way to go.

As for the Rest

As soon as I can possibly get through this learning curve, I want to return to writing. I’m battling a cold and a calendar full of appointments, but I hope that the dam breaks this weekend and I can refocus on writing.

I’ll wrap up  Incident in Philly and get ready for NYC Midnight’s Short Story Challenge to start on the 26th. There’s always plenty to do around here!

1/10 of the Way There

This past November, I began marketing my books in earnest.

And I saw results. Not earth-shattering, quit-your-job-because-you-are-an-official-writer-now results, but still. Results.

So for the entire year of 2017, I earned $2.32.

And so far this year, I expect that I will be paid $114.77 for November’s earnings in late January and $180.59 for December’s earnings in late February.

And I have to say, that is rather exciting!

Right now, I earn around $1,800 per month cleaning houses. I could make more, but I limit myself to one cleaning per day, and that is quite enough for this aging body, let me tell you!

The BIG GOAL is to replace my monthly income of cleaning houses with a monthly income from writing books. So, according to December’s earnings, I’m 1/10 of the way there.

I broke it down the other day and figured that my earnings in December had increased over November by 156%. And that if I could sustain that amount of increase, I would be able to say “Mission Accomplished” by July of this year. But instead, recognizing that the rate of growth I might hope for is not necessarily the one that I will see, my monthly earnings goals for this year are as follows:

$315 for January earnings

$450 for February earnings

$585 for March earnings

$720 for April earnings

$855 for May earnings

$990 for June earnings

$1,125 for July earnings

$1,260 for August earnings

$1,395 for September earnings

$1,530 for October earnings

$1,665 for November earnings

$1,800 for December earnings

Is it possible?

Could it happen sooner?

All Into a Special Savings Account

When my first payment of the year comes in from Amazon, I’ll open a new savings account. I’ll call it my FFCH (Freedom From Cleaning Houses) account!

I’m planning on putting every penny I earn this year into this special savings account. I figure that, before I can stop cleaning houses, I need at least three months worth of income ($5,400) AND at least $1,350 (3/4 of my current cleaning income) monthly earnings coming in from writing. That would give me a full year of savings to tap on a monthly basis if needed to make up any shortfall.

So that’s the goal. It’s on the board so it has to be real!

REALLY Big Goals

Obviously, $1,800 per month is not my ultimate goal. I would love to make more and I think I can, by doing the following:

  • Continue to produce content that readers will enjoy by:
    • Publishing a new book this year
    • Monthly short stories for my email subscribers only
  • Broaden my readership by:
    • increasing my email subscriber list through marketing and word-of-mouth
    • submitting short fiction to sci-fi magazine markets
    • participating in one or more short story contests
    • increasing my book distribution to other markets
    • marketing my writing through social media
  • Dialing down on marketing that works
    • giveaways and special price promotions
    • social media posts
    • getting my work promoted through book bloggers, radio interviews, et cetera
    • educating myself through podcasts and reading

I’ll be updating you on my progress as the months go by.