In Pursuit of Originality

Okay, wait, is originality a word? If it isn’t then it should be.

In any case, I’ve been thinking about the topic for a while now, mulling it about in my head. In some ways, everything we do is original. When I write a story it is the first time that I personally have written it in my own unique voice. And yet, after several millennia, is there anything truly unique to say? We share the same human fears, traumas, joys and anger and, like it or not, we have explored these emotions ad nauseum for years.

So everything is unique and not unique – at the same time.

That said, as a writer, I don’t like to get stuck in a rut. I have several favorite authors, but over time I noticed that the characters never varied, never changed, even across separate series of works. It was as if they had taken out the same brush, with the same color paint, and followed an endlessly repeating template to produce their books.

After a while, I realized, “They are all the same, there’s no difference between story lines other than changing the names and basic circumstances of the characters. One author (which I will not name) wrote entirely of characters who were highly intelligent, had biting dialogue, and were completely and totally dysfunctional individuals.

I am pretty much convinced that this was a reflection of the author’s own life and family models.

I mentioned recently on my erotic romance site that I prefer to write about strong women, I said:

  • I would not be writing about weak, simpering, foolish women
  • I would not be writing about women who had no clue what they wanted
  • I would not be writing about unequal relationships – where the big strong man rescues a timid, helpless girl of a woman

But I understand that that can be one-sided as well. There are strong women and there are weak women and everything in between. I have not ruled out writing about weak women, just don’t look for those chicks to show up in my erotic romance novels anytime soon!

Another thing that has been bopping in and out of my left and right hemispheres lately has been the urge to write poetry again. I haven’t written it in a long time but I kind of miss it. So I might be writing more soon. I doubt I will be posting it, I rarely post poetry, it tends to be a handwritten in the journal type of affair. Don’t know why, it just is.

When it comes to the pursuit of originality though, I rule nothing out. I might not choose to write a certain way right now, but that doesn’t mean I never will. All things in good time, right?

Free Book Promotion

My friend Kerrie and I were having one of our semi-monthly Yapping Mommy Working Playdates the other day and, being that we are both writers, talk turned to book promotions. I realized that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and so is Black Friday!

This got me to thinking – after all, stores aren’t the only ones who get to promote Black Friday, so I’m doing a book promotion, just one day, the day after Thanksgiving, for my book War’s End.

From 11/27 through 11/28, you can get a copy of War’s End: The Storm absolutely free!

I hope that you will share this post on Facebook and with any of your Kindle-savvy friends. I’ll try and remember to post again, right before the promotion.

Get the first book for free, read it, review it, and then check out the sequel!

Royals, Royals, ROYALS!

I promise this will be my last post about sports, folks. At least for a long while. I’m a nerdy word girl, after all. And while the two can interact and coincide, I’ll take words just about any day over sports.

That said…

Today, schools and businesses are shutting down and thousands of Kansas Citians will be flocking to the streets to see the Royals parade through town, World Series champions for the first time in 30 years.

Thirty years is a hell of a long time – I was fifteen the last time they won.

I wish I could see the parade, but instead I’m laid up in bed with a bulged disc. That’s what I get for lifting a 50-pound fern and then cleaning my baseboards by hand the next day.

What brings the Royals to mind this morning, besides the enormous “shut down the city, let’s party with the Royals” parade that will be mere blocks away, is the ideal behind their win this year. In many ways, the opposition makes it case and point with this…


Someone who used to be very much in my life used to tell me that I had no moral code. He said this in no small part because I refused to debate with him. He would say it with a meanness that no friend or family member should ever say.

I simply refused to debate because I knew that, whether I was right (if there even was a right answer) or not, if I made good points or not, this person would 1) run circles around me verbally, 2) say hurtful things just to get a reaction, and 3) ignore my points to the exclusion of winning the argument.

Any wonder I wouldn’t argue/debate a point?

One of my moral codes happens to be alive and kicking when it comes to playing games. It is essential to me that I, and whoever I am playing with, maintain a decent level of civility. In short, whether I win or lose, I want to do it with grace. Let’s face it, whether you win or lose, how you react to that win or loss can be just as important (if not more so) than the game itself.

Which brings me back to the picture of a New York newspaper. It perpetuates the opinion I have long held that the East Coast harbors a particularly brutal, unfeeling number of folks. I know that can’t be 100% true, but seeing that headline makes me feel damned sorry for the Mets. No one deserves to be kicked when they are down. The poster went on to write…

One year ago my team was on the losing end of a heartbreaker and our paper’s headline read “Royally Proud”. This is the headline today in NYC. I feel sorry forMets fans, we understand your pain today, but what we can’t understand is your city’s mentality toward your team today. KC may not have the glitz of Times Square or the fast pace of Wall Street, but what we do have is pride, passion and the belief in our team in all circumstances. On behalf of all Royals fans, I congratulate you on a great season and wish you the best of luck next year. I also offer you an open invitation to come join us here in the Heartland where winning and losing is done with grace and you will find a community of people who don’t kick each other when we’re down. We stay ‪#‎ForeverRoyal‬ !!!!

Several times in the past two weeks the Royals fight towards the World Series championship has spawned discussions with my youngest on what it means to be a good winner or good loser. I want her to know that she is on the right track in how she deals with others, and encourage her to make the right decisions on how to act when playing games.

It is a reminder that it is just more than ourselves – our emotions, our needs, or our priorities. We are in this together. It is yet another reason why I love living where I do. I hope we don’t lose this, that we continue to win (or lose) with grace.

Go Kansas City! Go Royals!