I’m Not Sitting on My Hands, No Sirree!

It is now November 3rd and I haven’t been sitting on my hands, no sirree, I have not!

A month ago I announced I was taking a break from Bubblews. You can read about it here if you like: http://www.bubblews.com/news/8658649-taking-a-break-until-bubblews-payments-come-in

And just three weeks ago, I had my first paying article accepted, followed by two more last Friday. This morning I sent out a slew of queries for an spring organizing article, and received an email back from an editor asking for an entirely bigger article, some 2,000 words (instead of the 600+ one I had sent) and suggesting that it would be okay for me to do an adaptation from the organizing book I published in 2008.

Immediately after that, I heard from an editor from a local gardening magazine – KC Gardener – about trimming down (by half) an article I had submitted to her on Growing Food, Building Community.

A couple of hours of work, and both of those articles have been re-worked and submitted back to the editors.

I want to establish myself as someone who can get things done, quickly, and within the expected parameters. Someone who is professional and efficient as well.

After all, if I make it EASY on the editors, they will be interested in assigning me more work in the future!

Things are really taking off. And not just that, but Bubblews has a total of four redemptions recently processed and another EIGHT more processing through in the next two days. I’m getting all of those back redemptions owed and even some that are less than 30 days out. Crazy, but true!

Things are really looking up around here.

I hope the same is true for you!