War’s End Book 2 – Delayed One More Week

WarsEnd Book2

Okay, well, it looks like Book 2 won’t be live today or tomorrow or for at least one week.

I made small formatting changes as well as altered the background cover of the book from red to purple and this has necessitated the need to review them in proof form one more time.

So, hang in there folks, because Book 2 will be ready and available by October 1st at the latest.

Meanwhile, the sale price of the ebook for just 99 cents remains in effect. Click here to order.

I’m not sure this is a permanent thing, but it will be that price for at least the next few weeks!

I’m excited about having my 4th book in print. As with the others, there will be a trade paperback version ($9.50 – sorry, I tried to get a lower price!) and also a Kindle version ($3.99).

I will be putting up four signed copies of the proof book here soon for those interested in having actual paperbacks in their hands. I’m selling these at cost, so $4.00 plus $2.50 shipping (or if you know me or are local we can make arrangements to meet somewhere).

If you haven’t read Book 1 – I highly recommend it – and yes that is because I wrote it! If you do read it, or have read it, please, please, PLEASE post a review on Amazon.com. Every review helps!

If you are thinking of self-publishing feel free to ask me questions below. I’m happy to answer them!





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War’s End for Just 99 Cents!

WarsEnd book cover

I made the decision tonight to reduce the Kindle format of my book “War’s End” from $3.99 down to just 99 cents. I also removed the option for folks to borrow it for free, so I’m hoping it all evens out. The changes should take effect soon.

Just 99 cents to read an entire book. I’m hoping it helps drive sales up and that folks realize (and get excited over) Book 2 coming soon.

Speaking of Book 2 – I really, really, REALLY need to finish editing the paperback copy, send the corrections to CreateSpace and get the book released for sale.

I’ve been spending so much time writing on Bubblews that I’m not getting anything else done.

Balance, balance, where oh where is my balance?!

You know you want a copy of War’s End for your Kindle! Buy it here!