Making Me Think Here …

My second appointment of the day yesterday was with M.P. from Land Bank. Land Bank isn’t actually a BANK, that’s just the title of the entity that manages all of these abandoned/tax seized properties in Kansas City.

He had gamely accepted my request to interview him for the book I’m writing on buying a house (The Cottage that I go on and on about) from Land Bank for $25.

I’m still fussing over the title, which is problematic. In part, because it is specifically geared toward purchasing a house from Kansas City Land Bank, which is different from other land banks in the country and talks specifically about the programs available to Kansas City residents.

I could tell he is a little hesitant – and he visibly winced over the working title “I Bought a House for $25 (and so can you)” – because, as he pointed out, the situation is different for each property and each applicant.

My point was, if they never pick up the book, which will have some incredibly good resources, how will they learn some of the more important features about these programs that are available?

We talked for nearly two hours. I really like the guy, M.P. is funny, thoughtful, and smart. I left the meeting thinking really hard about how I can produce a book that is responsible, educational, and empowering.

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