If You Haven’t Read My Latest Book “The War on Drugs” – Here is Your Chance to Read it for FREE!

What’s the book about?

It is about a family – it could be your family, or your friend’s family, but in this case it is about my family and our experience being hit head-on by the War on Drugs in America. This book is a fusion of current affairs and memoir – I don’t just discuss our personal experiences, I also explore the history of marijuana, why it was made illegal shortly after Prohibition ended in the United States, as well as a close look at how much the war on drugs has cost us – legally, financially and personally over the past 80+ years.

Did I mention that you could read it for FREE?

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch. You can download the ebook, read it, enjoy it, and move on with your life.

So why would you make it free?

Plainly put? Because I want it to be read by others. That’s Reason #1.

Reason #2, I need reviews. Really, REALLY need them. I need people to read my book (well, books, but more on that later) and TALK about it on Amazon.

Reason #3, my ranking is currently at #90 on the list. That means that if you open up Amazon.com, type in “the war on drugs” (without the quotation marks) it won’t come up at the top of the list, despite the title, it will shove it in waaaay down on the list, where no one can find it, and where no one will read it. Your downloads, and your reviews, will change that.

Reason #4, some people will hear about this promotion and decide to simply buy the book itself – either the $2.99 Kindle version or the $11.69 trade paperback version (sorry, I don’t set the price on that, if I did, it would be lower) before or after the promotional window.

So you are asking me to download the book for free, read it, and post a review?


You can also talk about it to everyone, share the link on Facebook and highly recommend the book. That would be really, really nice too.

Did I mention that you could read it for FREE?

What if I don’t like the book?

Wow, that’s a hard one. I can totally see you not liking the circumstances, or the system, or “the man” or even that dirty-dealing cop who kept three of the ready-to-clone plants (and who were we to challenge him?) – but I think you will like the book. At the very least it will make you think. And if you don’t really like it, well, to borrow a line from Joss Whedon, “Now is the time for quiet contemplation.”

Seriously though, I could see a nice little debate start raging in poster reviews…so…say what you are going to say, I think I can handle it. And if I can’t, don’t worry, you can’t see/hear me crying up in my office…so carry on…[sniffle].

Anything else I need to know?

Did I mention that you could read it for FREE?

Oh, yeah, the promotion will run from January 9th – January 12th – four days – 96 hours in which to download The War on Drugs: An Old Wives’ Tale absolutely FREE.

I’ll be sharing this link the day of, and every day of the promotion as well on Facebook. Could you please press Share and send it to a wider circle of friends? That will really, really help.

If you have any questions – please contact me, I’d love to hear from you!

Woke Up Thinking of War’s End

There are moments when I stop doing anything…I stop cleaning my house, writing, homeschooling, or practically anything else. The past ten days have been like that. My husband summed it up neatly. He said, “You can’t just keep going at 100 miles per hour forever, everyone needs down time.”

I’ve put in a request for an additional eight hours to be added to the day – either that or for me to never have to sleep. I’m not holding my breath on either one happening anytime soon.

I don’t particularly enjoy down time. I chafe at it, worry about all the projects that are not getting done, and I’m GROUCHY! But in the end, I recognize it as a sign that, once again, I need to focus on a couple of things, not everything, and get back to doing a few of the multitude of priorities that face me each day.

So this morning, after sleeping in until 7:45 (yowza, that is LATE for me!), I awoke thinking of several short stories that accompany the War’s End series. I had briefly outlined these stories, recognized that they would not be added to the two books, and decided instead to use them to promote my books.

So new goal is:

  • Finish War’s End Book 2
  • Begin writing short stories while working through editing process
  • Publish Book 2 on Amazon
  • Publish the short stories here

That’s the plan.

My desk is a mess, and I’ve got a busy day, but I’m going to get to writing…right after I finish making waffles for my daughter and her friend who is over for a sleepover.

Writing – Progress and Setbacks

I’m writing…I’m not writing…I’m taking breaks for long holiday weekends, and I’m scrambling to finish War’s End Book 2.

Robert’s Rules continue. Here are the most recent tips…

Tip #24 – Map That Route

Tip #25 – Wing It

Tip #26 – Don’t Look Back

I had to take The Little Book of Talent back to the library, but I did manage to get a few more in before that. I’ve requested the book again, but had to return it for now because it had holds. Here are the other tips…

Tip #4 – Buy a Notebook

Tip #5 – Be Willing to Be Stupid

Tip #6 – Choose Spartan Over Luxurious

Tip #7 – Before You Start, Figure Out if it is a Hard Skill or a Soft Skill

Here’s a little story about How I Learned About Irony.

And yes, I too suffer dreadfully from the disease of procrastination. You can read all about it here.

Despite my procrastinating ways, I’m in the Home Stretch of Finishing my 4th Book!