Writing for Bubblews, Tips and Tricks

I’ve been amping up my post writing for Bubblews recently. I’m trying to make the ‘ten a day’ maximum post and see if it works. As a result, I have quite a few writing-related posts done and live. Here is a review of them…

Writing Ideas for Bubblews

An Oasis in the Desert is my latest description of Bubblews and its community of Bubblers.

And let’s get back to Robert’s Rules for Writing, I have the following rules for you to consider:

Robert’s Rules of Writing Tip #21 – Set Yourself Down

Robert’s Rules of Writing Tip #22 – Pick Your Poison

Robert’s Rules of Writing Tip #23 – Bring Out Da Noise

And I’m a compulsive reader, with multiple books at a time on my docket, check out What Books Are You Reading for the skinny on what I’m reading these days.

As if Robert’s Rules of Writing were not enough, I also picked up The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle. Check out these tips:

Tip #1 – Stare at Who You Want to Become

Tip #2 – Spend 15 Minutes a Day Engraving the Skill On Your Brain

Tip #3 – Steal Without Apology

Are you writing? I am!

I’ve spent most of today working on Book 2 of War’s End and making some fairly good progress! I won’t say much more than that, other than, the end is in sight…and it isn’t too far away!


More Writing…Some Progress…

I’ve been slowly mucking my way through the sequel to War’s End. When will that be complete? Who knows…I guess when it is complete, or at least the chapter I’m agonizing is done, I’ll update on that.

I talked about writing your own bio the other day.

Meanwhile, here are a couple more reviews on Robert’s Rules of Writing…

Lesson 19 – Get Right, Or Get Close

Lesson 20 – Know the Territory

And now I’m off to read in bed and turn in early. So I can get up early and do it all over again!

I’m Listening to My Obi-Wan

I refer to my writer friend, Kerrie, as my personal Obi-Wan Kenobi. She just posted a comment reminding me to get over to Amazon and create my Author Page. I had intermittently thought of it, wondered how it was done, and then promptly forgot it before sitting down at my computer.

However, her comment was just the kick in the pants I needed and it is now done. You can view it here.

One more step towards that marketing crap that writers have to do.

Checkmarked and DONE!

Need Some Writing Advice?

I’m making my way through Robert’s Rules of Writing while making a few nickels to rub together on Bubblews. Yes, this is a legitimate writing site and yes, you will get paid. At least, I’m getting paid!

Anyhoo (as my maternal grandmother used to say), I’ve been reviewing Robert’s Rules one rule at a time. Why buy the book when you can get a free summary and review?

He has some good points, some points I simply do not agree with, and everything in between. Here are the reviews I’ve made to date:

Lesson 1 – Burn Your Journal

Lesson 2 – Get a Pen Pal

Lesson 3 – Throw Out Your Thesaurus

Lesson 4 – Zip the Lip

Lesson 5 – Call Out the Thought Police

Lesson 6 – Don’t Overinflate the Balloon

Lesson 7 – Skip the Starbucks

Lesson 8 – Take the Prozac

Lesson 9 – Lose the Muse

Lesson 10 – Get Rolling

Lesson 11 – Let the Well Refill

Lesson 12 – Tell, Don’t Show

Lesson 13 – Play God

Lesson 14 – Stop Reading

Lesson 15 – Wave Goodbye

Lesson 16 – Write What You Read

Lesson 17 – Make ‘Em Worry

Lesson 18 – Memo Yourself

Read them. Then get to writing.

At least, that’s my goal. I’m back to working on War’s End Book 2 by the way. I’m agonizing over a chapter titled Dark Horse Riding. And with that I will take the advice from Lesson 4 and zip my lip.

Hope to talk to you soon!