Thanks Honey, I Needed That

This morning we were talking in the morning as Dave got ready for work. As he dressed I told him that although I really, really wanted an iPad, I wanted other things more. “We spend our money on piddly things, instead of saving it for big things.” I said to him, “I could get a new toy (the iPad) and use it to look at places I dream of going to. Or we could save the money and go to those places. I don’t want to spend my life dreaming of places and never actually get to see them.”

Out of the blue, he asked, “What’s the status on the book?”

I looked down at the ground, “I haven’t done any edits in a few days,” I admitted. “You were talking about An Old Wives Tale, right?”

He smiled and shrugged, “An Old Wives Tale, War’s End, take your pick.”

I squirmed a little, “Yeah, I really need to get on both of them.”

“Yeah,” he said, “you really do. You need to finish one, and get started on the next.”

Later, after he left, I found myself checking the news online, which I do 2-3 times a day. I shut it down. There really wasn’t anything of interest there. A few minutes later I caught myself surfing through Pinterest and checking my email for the 3rd time – it was 7:30 am.

I realized a few things:

  1. I allow myself to be distracted – and consciously or unconsciously am delaying and sabotaging my own writing in the process.
  2. I need a gentle prod, or a swift kick in the butt, from time to time.
  3. If I don’t get my poop in a pile soon, I will forever be saying the same thing…”I wish I could…I wish I was…”

Every month it seems like there are more days than there are dollars. I don’t have to be the next Nicholas Sparks…but I sure would like to make some money at it…sooner rather than later.

So I’ve gotten my gentle prod for the day and I’m back to the edits. Currently I’m on page 74 of the 122 page manuscript. To work! To work!

Proper Incentive

What do you get when you couple a child-free few hours with fresh baked bread?

Incentive to continue editing. I’m on page 35 of the manuscript right now…

Emily is off at a water park with other girl scouts having the time of her life and I’m getting plenty of editing done. Hooray!

Time to Edit!

Whew! I finally, finally finished it.

Well, the first draft at least.

The War on Drugs: An Old Wives Tale is finally ready for editing. The printer just stopped printing and it is time for me to get to work.

It came in at 71,646 words – that was about 10,000 more than I was expecting.


time to edit, read it out loud, fix it, read it out loud, alter, curse at it, and get it PUBLISHED. I’ll post updates later.

Oh yeah…and…

Go me!