Know When to Walk Away

You got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away

Know when to run

Oh shit…I’m quoting country western songs. That’s never a good sign.

It’s 6:30, I’ve been up and at ’em for over an hour, and written nothing (nada, nyet, ZILCH) in War’s End. I tried. I really did. I will admit to delaying tactics as I fiddled with a timeline template that just didn’t work for me (I ended up deleting it). But after that, I tried to write in “To Each A Trade” chapter and just looked at it and shook my head. I need to re-write the whole damn beginning. I had written the beginning of the chapter only, but a while back, before Book One was finalized. Dates and years and ages have all changed, and what I had just doesn’t work anymore.

Life and living have me distracted and writing just isn’t going to happen this morning. Maybe later, maybe not at all.

Lulu Ranking…I’ve Got A Long Way to Go…

Lulu Ranking: 90382…

I wish I had been keeping track of this, because I could swear that it used to be 94,000 something.

I sent out an email appeal to every darn person I could find in my Contacts database asking them to buy War’s End Book 1. This included my dad, who also sent out an email to everyone he could think of.

I’ve seen several sales in response. But after all, it was the Thanksgiving week and weekend, so I’m hoping I see more soon as people get over the Black Friday through Monday rush and settle back down to life in general.

Three Weeks – Give or Take a Few Days

I’ve not written a word in War’s End book 2 in three weeks – give or take a day. I fell behind in my posts for the two main blogs, not managing to finish each on the weekend, and letting my weekday mornings be filled with futzing about.

Which isn’t to say I haven’t gotten a LOT done…it just hasn’t been of the writing variety!

Yesterday I jumped back on the horse and finished “A Hunting Expedition.” Wes might be a prick, but he’s an integral part of the end of Book 2.

I’m struggling with “The Face of Evil” – actually haven’t written a word. I haven’t decided what and where Cooper goes for these eight or nine years of story.

I’m also struggling with Carl and Liza – how to progress their relationship?

Let’s face it, after jumping off the horse for three weeks, it’s a struggle to get back into the flow. This very post is a prime example. I didn’t want to sit here staring at the computer screen typing nothing, but my brain just locked up the minute I sat down.

Writing, any kind of writing, helps with this. So, now that I have loosened myself up in a simple update, perhaps the magic will be better ready to flow now.

Get set!


Christine the Grouch

Perhaps I should title this post, PMS Sucks Ass.

I don’t know if it is PMS or what, but I feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin I’m so damned irritable.

I’m pissy because life is interfering with my writing. I look around my house and think, “It’s a frickin’ mess around here, a complete craphole. I need to clean, I need to organize.”

When I start organizing I find myself distracted – there are literally DOZENS of projects I need to work on. The basement is a maze of stuff, all of our belongings from the crawlspaces are out in the main areas, along with the normal maze of crap and stuff that I can’t get rid of and never have time to get around to dealing with.

Which all makes me rather grumpy and resentful.

No writing is getting done.

The house is a mess.

And I’m a poster child for PMS.


Can’t Concentrate

I’m so darned excited about killin’ chickens today that I can’t concentrate on any real work.


Did I just say that?

I really did.

Okay, let me ‘correct’…killin’ chickens is real work. But in my situation it is an adventure, therefore, almost ‘fun’ in a sense, and certainly not work.

Y’know, I think that my current version of work is rather warped…

Not just that, but in most cases, I find work to be…well…fun.

Yesterday as I moved about the kitchen, prepping, cleaning, clearing and coordinating the thought struck me – If someone had told me ten years ago that I would be cooking for twenty plus people, and then teaching a class on how to raise herbs and cook with them, I would have suggested they were high on crack. Me? Cook for twenty? ME? Teach a class on herb gardening?

And as the years slide by and I learn and evolve and pursue these many interests with such joy and excitement, the knowledge of where I came from and how far I have come is always there in my mind. I still have this quote stuck to my monitor…

I went into the woods to live deliberately. To front the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what they had to teach. And not, when I came to die, discover I had never lived. – Henry David Thoreau

And while my bucket list is by no means complete, I can safely say I’m well on my way.

There is so much living I want to do. Learning how to kill and dress chickens is just one of them. I want to:

  • Learn how to draw better
  • Travel the world, go to Pompeii, stay a week in an honest-to-god castle
  • Go skydiving, just once.
  • Go on a float trip with Danielle down the Grand Canyon
  • Not just self-publish, but SELL my books (whether through a publisher or by going viral)
  • Become fluent in a second and possibly third language (but I’ll happily settle for “able to find the bathroom” in Spanish)
  • Finish my crafts projects
  • Teach and inspire thousands more

I’m 41 years old, and I have a full lifetime of learning and growing ahead of me. I’d best get cracking!

Out and About

Ooh, I am feeling so special. I’m out and about, and connected via wi-fi in a food court right now while P.E. has an acting class. How cool is that?

Gotta love where computers can do these days.

I was considering getting a tablet or a notebook – but basically I wanted what I have in a laptop…connectivity, ability to access my files, my calendar, and to be able to write. Right now I’ve got most of the above. I need to work on the whole file availability issues…I hate the thought of moving my files back and forth via zip drive, but I need something that is mobile, and having them on Google just doesn’t work.

I have switched to Google Calendar, walking away from Microsoft Outlook, that was a big jump, let me tell you.

I have two more posts in HA to complete before I can work on fiction this week. To work, to work?

This is What I Get

This is what I get when I decide to transfer my calendar from Outlook to Google…

  • Three hours of solid work – checking, double-checking, and reproducing all of the appointments.(yes, there were a lot of them)
  • Screeching halt on writing the Liv Rowan series after Book 2 of War’s End is complete. I’m thinking I really, really need to continue to write in the Plague Tale universe.

Socio-economic collapse?

Civil war?

You think those things are bad? Just wait, it gets far, far worse.

War’s End is the just the beginning of the story. Give us fifty more years to get over the U.S. going to hell in a handbasket and then watch the world collapse – no stone left unturned, death, destruction and mayhem. Oh, and a side of space exploration to go along with it.

My Plague Tale documents, and most importantly, my Gliese 581 story is there on Google. I started reading it and went oh, wow, this is cool!

What really, really needs to happen is this. I need to be discovered and taken on by a major sci-fi fantasy publication. And they need to give me a decent advance so that I can stop doing the cleanings and focus more on my writing.


What are you waiting for, oh great publishers of my work?

Gimme a call.