Welcome to My Website!

The purpose of this website and blog is to promote my writing – which you can currently find links to on the right (or here in this post).

Interested in reading my blogs? I have two public ones…

The Deadly Nightshade – a gardening, down-to-earth, get your sustainability movement on, grass roots, eco-friendly, et cetera.

The Homeschool Advocate – where I discuss all things parenting, homeschool, and learning-oriented

About a year ago, I started a blog titled “The Chronicles of Liv Rowan” which I have copied over to here, more content will follow.

I currently have two books in print and available for download. Those are:

Get Organized Stay Organized – a book that will get your home and paperwork organized and under control in just a few easy steps. Available as a trade paperback.

War’s End – A gritty story of survival in the face of insurmountable odds. Is it fiction? Or a forewarning of a all-too-possible future? Available in trade paperback or as a digital download.

Most of my posts here will be short and to the point (I hope). Writing about my writing seems…redundant.

That said, I recognize that there are two great reasons to write this blog:

  1. To promote my work. I can tell you to buy the books until I’m blue in the face, but maybe if you read my writing, you will be intrigued enough to want to find out just what these books have to offer.
  2. To encourage a better understanding – of me, of writing in general, and of the motivations we are all driven by – as different as they may be.

I’ve always been curious about others. Why do they do what they do? What were they thinking when they said what they said? And if you are curious too, then keep reading. Maybe we will entertain each other.